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Above night photos taken July 2008 by David Kump @ Spiritual Location.

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History of Friday The 13th hosted here
Annette & Ed Shanahan

Annette - Host
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Ed Shanahan - 'Sun Ray'
Paranormal - Reader
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Paranormal TV - 24/7

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Haunted Locations & More.

Haunted Archer Woods Cemetery

b ,
Haunted Dream Reapers
Man Haunted by Demons - Interview
Shadow Person on Film?
Psychic Energy Fun
The Unexplained World Video Photo Showcase

The Unexplained World - video powered by Metacafe
Interview of Ed Shanahan by Slim Pictures.

Paranormal Activity During Chicago Seance in
Oct. 2010 - four nights before Halloween.

Kiss FM radio personality Andrew Finnigan joins
Edward Shanahan with his radio crew and guests for
a paranormal night and seance.


The Grime Sisters grave site and haunted murder area. Plus a spontaneous tour of the Chicago land areas Southwest side Archer Ave; famous haunted locations.

EVP's taken at Worth, IL Pk. Dist building when
we did a paranormal night there and I also did
my Circle of Energy 10/2008. Thank You Jenn.


The Haunted Historic Mansion in Joliet - Visit our web site
Haunted Historic Locations - tours / experiences

New video below of Scutt Mansion, includes Ghost Box
and other findings by LAPS who joined us on this

Telekinesis / Energy Control Demonstration by Ed

Michelle a Feeler - Tours the Haunted Scutt Mansion

Tour of Haunted Scutt Mansion in Joliet, IL - Click here for this week’s top video clips

Native American Healing Waters and other locations.
Oct. 2009 TV Show broadcast of seance at Scutt Mansion

Paranormal TV - 24/7

The Unexplained World of the
Paranormal - Ghosts - Haunting's in
the Chicago land area & the Midwest.

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* Investigation report on 'The Gate' - haunted
location in Libertyville, IL by C.T. Thieme

* Locations to yet be discovered by YOU *
* Bachelor's Grove & 3 other locations - video *

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