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Photos Taken at Sacred Heart Cemetery
Little known Cemetery at approx. 101st and Kean Ave.
Photos taken Sept. 7th 2003

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* New with these photos *

What I have done - is ask Amy who is what I call a Psychic Feeler,
to look at each of the photos and describe what she feels and see's.

You can read about what she feels in each photo by clicking on the images below.

Descriptions are below.











Hello Visitors,

I would like to welcome you to our web page on Sacred Heart

Years ago I came across this location and it struck me back
then that there was something about it. I think it was for the fact
that back in the late 70's it was basically standing alone on the
side of the road with Forest all around it, and that was strange
considering how I was accustomed to cemeteries like
Resurrection in my area being huge and right in plain view.
The only other one I knew of that was hidden away in the
woods back then was Bachelors Grove.

A year ago or so the memory of this location came to me, but
I could not find it on a map or driving around (I was not going far enough down Kean Ave. I even talked to someone I knew
that did not live to far from Kean Ave., and he said he did not
know of an area besides Archer Woods Cemetery on Kean Ave.
(even though I found a headstone dating 1916 for death).

On Sept. 7, 2003 - Before I set out to photograph Bachelors Grove I gave my daughter a call (she is gifted), to see if she
wanted to go to B.G, as she likes to tag along to locations.
She could not - But she brought up and the location of
Sacred Heart Cemetery and said I should also go there,
knowing her abilities, I did and the photos are now here.

The thing about the cemetery is it's gates were closed at
2 pm on a Sunday afternoon and only those allowed,
could enter.

Feel free to e-mail me some feedback.


Ed Shanahan

The Photos Above

A - Front of Cemetery.

B - Shows the road and area surrounding cemetery. Look to the
right side of the road - no one or anything was there when I took

C - Area of cemetery right of building with cross in photo D.

D & E - Image of little building with cross, looking into it and
from the road.

F - This is a photo taken of right behind the little building.

G - Image more to the right of the building with the cross.

H & I - Headstones in the Cemetery.

J - Old Headstone - 1916, the cemetery dates back at least
that far. I followed the wishes of the location and did not
trespass to find older ones.

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