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Chicago Railroad Yard - 73rd & Kedzie
North east side of bridge

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Discovery of location and View without Trespassing.
Hello Visitors,

I was informed of this location (at night), by way
of the question "Are you afraid of ghosts?" while
at work on the railroad and my first time being at
the location.

It seems that the railroad yard just east of the Kedzie bridge ( North end - just across from the Nabisco) at 73 rd St; is haunted by gang bangers that have been killed in the area right along the tracks and in the open lot and along the high weeds etc..

The conductor told me that there are many individuals (who work on the railroad), that have seen ghosts in this area. It freaked one conductor out real bad, as what he called a gang banger and stood over 6 feet tall and was covered in blood, seemed to just appear out of no were and started running toward the conductor with a knife in hand.

Then as the ghost was coming toward him, it vanished. I was told that there are many conductors and engineers that hate going to this railroad yard at night, do to what they personally have seen.

A - Area view from bridge: I marked this photo so
individuals can see the area were I was when I was
told and also direction and layout of area.

B - View again from bridge, showing a little more north of yard.

C - This is area view of lot, on North / East side of bridge were you can see the yard without trespassing, along with it being easy access for gang bangers to enter.

D - This is the frontage road at 73rd and Kedzie on the North / East side of the bridge leading up to the yard lot in picture - C.

E - View of entry into the yard. As you can see there is not much keeping anyone like gang bangers from entering the yard area and having a secluded location to work things out among each other.

F - This is the south and east side view of the yard
at the south end of the bridge from a side street, this area is fenced off.

I must say that if you plan to go here, be careful, do not trespass in to the yard and consider this fact: You could run into the real deal (humans), and wished it would of been gang banger ghosts instead.

Thank You for visiting.

Ed Shanahan

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