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The Readers
Edward - Annette - Ronda - Jenelle - Leah

Covering the Chicago and Chicago land Suburban areas, Southern Wisconsin and Northern Indiana.
Some Readers are able to travel or assist you world wide by phone.

Our Specialties are Palm, Tarot, Personal Psychometry Readings, Conscious Channeling, Astrology
Past Lives, Psychometry, Intuitive Readings, Runes, Spiritual Observer, Spirit Board.
All the Readers have Strong Spiritual Beliefs and Experiences.

Readers - Advisers - Consultants

Shanahan Chicago Psychic Reader
Edward Shanahan








More people are having Edward
Shanahan for Entertaining Psychic House, Private and Public Parties.

Palm Reader, Psychometry One on
One Reading of individual (best for
personal questions and answers),
Channeling with items of
your loved ones who have passed

Ed will offer for house parties, either
Readings In The Round or as other
Readers do, Private readings. His
readings consist of Palm,
Psychometry, Conscious Channeling
and Tarot.

He has been written about in 3 books:
Voices from the Chicago Graves -
Encyclopedia of Haunted Places - Ghosts Coast to Coast and a fourth
one coming out in 2009 by Ursula
Bielski .

He has been written about in the Chicago Tribune's Red Eye / Metro
Mix section for Best Bet (events
section). He has been written about
in The Southtown Star Newspaper
and other Chicago Suburban

Edward will consider Phone readings
for specific situations for individuals,
not just a random general reading .

Edward Shanahan has been given the
title 'Spiritual Observer' and gifted the
name 'Sun Ray' by a Native American
and her Spirit Guides .

Edward's Spiritual beliefs follow a Unity
of Faiths and a Christian base.

Our readers are discreet!
E-mail Edward Shanahan
E-mail Edward Shanahan here .

To learn more about Edward Shanahan,
visit his web site at:
Edward Shanahan

Hear Ed & Annette's Internet Radio
Show - The Unexplained World
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Annette Chicago High Priestess
Readings by Phone
N.W. Indiana / Chicago

Tarot Readings, Goddess Runes,
Numerology, Past Lives Readings,
Spell work and Curse banishing.
Over 20 years of experience.

Annette's readings and consulting is
done for individuals by way of the
phone and in person in N.W. Indiana .

Paranormal experience guide with
Mr. Shanahan for The Unexplained
World in the N.W. Indiana area.

Co-creator with Edward Shanahan of
the concept of The Unexplained World.


Annette has trained individuals in the past and if there is an interest by an individual
for her guidance, feel free to contact her.

Annette at times will be part of the Psychic
Readings at locations Ed Shanahan is
doing readings at.

Annette is the High Priestess of the
Coven of The White Heart.

Our readers are discreet!
To Contact Annette
E-Mail Annette Here it will be forwarded ..

Hear Annette doing Past Lives Readings


Multi - Tarot Card
Chicago & N.W. IN
and by phone.


Ronda is a popular reader in the
Chicago land area who is present at
many of the locations that hold Psychic
Reading Nights in the Chicago area
S.W. Suburbs .

A reader with Spirit Readers of The
Unexplained World, Ronda also
participates in home parties or other
gatherings when more then one
reader is required at a location
Edward Shanahan is doing readings
at. She is a regular at The Unexplained
World Psychic Fairs in the Chicago
land area.


Jenelle - Psychic Reader
Runes, Pendulum
and Spirit Board
Jenelle has participated in Psychic
Fairs and Paranormal Locations with
Ed Shanahan and also does her readings on an independent basis.
Also possible house parties in the

Out of the Chicagoland area and one
of the few Readers that Ed Shanahan
has invited on a regular basis do to
her abilities and faith Ed has in the abilities that Jenelle has.

Jenelle has participated on Annette
and Ed's - The Unexplained World
Internet Radio Broadcast.

To contact Jenelle - visit her
MySpace web page at:
Jenelle's My Space Page



A known Astrology
Reader in the City
of Chicago.


Leah has participated in many of
Edward Shanahan's Psychic Fairs and
has been invited to read at the House
Parties that more then one Reader

Leah can be contacted by e-mail at:
Leah's e-mail address.

Paranormal Feelers who assist Ed Shanahan at Haunted Locations
Amy - Psychic Feeler
Spirit Feeler

Amy - If it was not for Amy, a Native
American and who first came across
and seen in the photos taken by Ed
Shanahan, something unusual in many
of the photos. Ed Shanahan would not
have opened himself to his abilities,
as Amy assisted him in opening up.

She participates in as many of the
paranormal locations that she can
with Ed, but also they go alone to


locations to discover what the Spirit
World has to offer at the locations.

Amy also assists Ed in his Circle of
Energy. Her Pendulum and being
a Feeler are her tools of choice.



Mercedes - Psychic Feeler
Paranormal Feeler

Mercedes and Ed have been to a few
locations with Beyond The Veil. They
first teamed together at a historic
haunted location.

Mercedes is a Feeler and when she is
present at a location, she is part of
Ed's ' Circle Of Energy '.

Mercedes is co-host with Annette and
Ed on The Unexplained World broadcast.



Michelle - Spirit Seer
Spirit Seer and Feeler

Michelle and Ed met on a recent Ursula
Bielski Ghost Tour along Archer Ave.

She just happened to be sitting and
sharing the bench sitting space on the
bus with Ed.

This is when Ed learned of Michelle's
abilities and also seen her use them
while on the of a walk through a known
haunted cemetery.

Michelle will be participating in 2009
with Ed at haunted locations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Paranormal Feeler

Jamie will be in 2009 given an
opportunity to participate and join in
future paranormal locations with Ed.





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