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Haunted Cemetery
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Photos that ' The Unexplained World ' of The Paranormal Has Provided Us.
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Our Photo Pages of Locations

Angel or Spirit - photo at
Archer Wood's Cemetery

Archer Woods Cemetery
'Amy' our Psychic Feeler does it
again. She describes what she feels
in each of the photos I have posted.

Ashbary Coffee House
Willow Springs

with Amy our Psychic Feeler
what she felt there,

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
A photo from here is now published
on - Paranormal site.

Different Locations including
White Mausoleum in Willow
Spring's Fairmont Cemetery
that played music.

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Our Photo Pages of Locations

Ghost House of Bachelor's Grove

Haunted Caves of St. Paul & More.

Haunted Chicago Rail Road Yard

Haunted Hull House

Haunted Historic Humphrey House
Senator Humphrey of Orland Pk, IL.

Haunted Monk's Castle Cemetery
St. James Cemetery & Church.

Joliet, IL. Haunted Mansion
The Scutt Mansion - a whole
different haunted location at night.

Manteno Insane Asylum (hospital)

Miracle Child - Mary Alice Quinn
Grave site of one who heals.

Oak Lawn Tornado - Spirits.

Psychic Faire & the Paranormal Meet
at Ashbary Coffee House.

Rico D's Pizza Ristorante
The Haunted Building in Willow Springs
Amy & I describe what we felt there.
Historic Facts.

Sacred Heart Cemetery
'Amy' our Psychic Feeler,
describes what she feels in each photo.

Salem on Halloween 2004 by LuAnne


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by Edward Shanahan
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and more recorded events.
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Tribute to a Spiritual Spirit
Miracle Child
Mary Alice Quinn
by Edward Shanahan

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My Theory on Spirits
by Ed 'Sun Ray' Shanahan
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My Paranormal & Psychic Journey
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Spirits - are they testing us?
by Edward Shanahan
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A Soul's Pre Life
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A New Psychic & Paranormal
Journey has started.

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Paranormal Conservatives ?
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The Shadows Know
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My Circle of Energy - The experience
by Edward Shanahan
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Photos of Haunted Chicago areas most haunted ghost active locations, taken by Edward Shanahan
a Paranroamal Spiritual Ovserver and Psychic reader as he visited these locations known for their
paranormal activities in some of the most active haunted locations in the Chicagoland area.

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