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List of what follows what your viewing - June / July 09

Haunted Historic
Legend of Kemper
Ghost Box at Scutt
Scary But True # 1
Scary But True # 2
Alien Graveyard.
Horror of Andersonville.
Olie Hotel.
Fear and Crazy Bug
Night Terror.
Ghost Hunt at Fort
Voodo - Darren
Haunted Hotels # 1
Haunted Hotels # 2
Haunted Hotels # 3
Haunted Hotels # 4
Haunted Hotels
Telekinesis / Energy
Control Demonstrations.
Hauntings Across

Paranormal Pets.
Dangers of the Paranormal with Chip Coffee.
Haunted Archer Woods Cemetery.
Ghost attached to Marylin
Al Capone's Ghost.
Huge Tornado Supercell
Chases Us.
Haunted Castles - Nimoy 1
Haunted Castles - Nimoy 2
Haunted Castles - Nimoy 3
The Real Dracula Castle.
Haunted Halloween.
Ghost Haunting 200 feet
below ground # 1.
Ghost Haunting 200 feet
below ground # 2.
Underwater Cemetery.
Gettysburg Ghosts.
Myrtles Plantation -
Haunted Hotel.
The Black Hole.
Ghost Haunts in N.C.
The Lost Children.
Native American Spirits.
Spirits of San Antonio # 1

Spirits of San Antonio # 2
Midwest Points of Interest.
Secrets They Don't Want
Humans to Know.
Native American Healing
Waters and other locations.
Strange but True # 1
Strange but True # 2
The Real Dracula # 1
The Real Dracula # 2
Lodge at Cloudcroft
Haunted Travels # 1
Haunted Travels # 2
Seance CGI
Haunted Mansions of
Louisiana # 1
Haunted Mansions of
Louisiana # 2
Fort Wayne History, Mystery
and Hauntings.
Ghost Box Experiment.
Ghost Car Police Pursuit.
The Kent Manor Inn.
Crazy Stunt by Japanese Woman.
Woman's Body Seperated.
High - Tech Haunted House.

* Videos on Demand is Up and Running - See TV Screen Above.
Below You will find list of the On Demand Programs .

Ed & Annette - The Unexplained World - Internet radio broadcast

Haunted Historic Locations
Dates / Tours / Explore / Experience / Private Tours

Ed Shanahan Psychic Chicago area Reader
Entertaining Psychic Party Readings - Public Psychic Readings Locations
in the Chicago area with Edward Shanahan. More details here.

Beyond The Veil with Ed Shanahan & Usula Bielski
Beyond The Veil - Haunted Location Experiences with
Ms. Ursula Bielski and Edward Shanahan


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Edward Shanahan

List of what is in the Videos on Demand from - May / 09

Freaks - 1932 - The Opening.
Freaks - 1932 - Wedding.
Freaks - 1932 - Prince Randian
Freaks - 1932 - Different endings.
Human Freaks.
To close to a Tornado.
Greenville Residence.
Freak out on Ghost Hunters.
Real exorcism on tape
Crybaby Bridge.
Real Demons on tape.
Scary Demon Girl.
Haunted Hollywood 1
Haunted Hollywood 2
Haunted Hollywood 3
Haunted Hollywood 4
Haunted Hollywood 5
Shanahan interview Funny Scary Pranks.
Mom gets scared.
Paranormal Activity.
Chestnut Grove Cem 1
Chestnut Grove Cem 2

Telekinesis Demonstation.
Mansfield Ghost Hunters.
Ghosts in Chester Pub.
Dean-Lopez Funeral Home Ghost Tour.
Haunted Archer Woods Cemetery Tour.
Dark Forest - 1
Dark Forest - 2
Dark Forest - 3
The Tunnel - A Haunting caught on tape - 1.
The Tunnel - A Haunting
caught on tape - 2.
Darren Brown - Russian
Haunted Sonoma.
The Brown Place.
Haunted Archer Avenue Tour.
Haunted Run.
Dark side of Anchorage.
African Shaman Levitation.
Kaske House - Ghost Wispers.
The Munsters.
The Munsters Mansion.

Addams Family Theme.
Hell's Gate - 1
Hell's Gate - 2
Haunted Destinations - 1
Haunted Destinations - 2
Paranormal Questions with
Alien Dog - Animal Instincts
Clinton's UFO Files released.
Astronaut UFO encounter.
Haunted Scutt Mansion.
The Body Farm - study of
Human Decomposition.
Decomposition of human body in a casket.
Mystery Spot - Weird US.
HAARP CBC Broadcast - 1
HAARP CBC Broadcast - 2
The Gateway to Hell.
Virgina City - 1
Virgina City - 2
My House is Haunted.
Voices From The Grave.
Haunted - Haunted House.

As one views the programs being broadcast on Paranormal TV 24/7, they will experience the exposure
to all that pertains to the supernatural, UFO's, the unexplained and more. Also providing a free avenue
for those seeking exposure for their video creations to be showcased.

Paranormal TV 24/7 from The Unexplained World is up and running on the Internet, but actually has
grown from a history that started in 2003 when there was the Chicago cable TV show 'The Unexplained
World' (before paranormal shows were the thing to have on television), created by both Edward
Shanahan, a Chicago area Paranormal Spiritual Observer and Psychic Reader who has had articles on
haunted locations in the Chicagoland area published in the books 'Encyclopedia of Haunted Places' and
'Voices from The Chicago Graves'. and his long time co-creator Annette, a High Priestess of the Coven
of The White Heart and a Psychic Reader.

In 2006 came the Internet radio broadcast of 'The Unexplained World' with Edward Shanahan and
Annette as the hosts and it is still broadcasting on Sunday Nights with three years of archived shows.

This has all come full circle and has developed in bringing to the Internet, broadcasting the world of the
supernatural, paranormal and the unexplained with 'Paranormal TV 24/7' from The Unexplained World.
As one views the programs being broadcast on Paranormal TV 24/7 - they will notice this is not a selfish
showcase of programs with Shanahan in them, but exposure for viewers to all that pertains to the
supernatural, UFO's, the unexplained and more, with seven hours of programs that run 24 hrs and even
programs from the month before that are in the 'On Demand' section.

Paranormal TV 24/7 also provides an avenue for those who have shot videos of locations, hauntings, the
unexplained etc.. to be showcased to a large viewing audience. Web sites that carry Paranormal TV 24/7
from The Unexplained World or carry a graphic link to it, also have a link to their web site running across
the bottom of the Paranormal TV 24/7 screen.

(c) 2009 Edward L. Shanahan