The Unexplained World.


Version 2.1 (English edition)
Edited by J. Peter Lassila

Owner of PSI Research Group

This chronology includes events, which are counted most notable and
relevant for the paranormal and seminormal research, from the early
history to present days. If you have a significant events on your
mind, which are not yet in this chronology, or you notice incorrect
information and/or grammatical errors, please take contact to editor
( Aims of this document is to give a
chronological survey for anyone who are interested in this area, but
don't have enough personal knowledge to reach general view in quality of various claims about paranormal and seminormal.

From prehistory to the middle age ~
~120000 BCE: Animistic faith rose among of Homo Neanderthal. ~75000 BCE: First signs from animal cults, where animals were perhaps represented some kind of divinity.
~25000 BCE: Human culture and religions got started. Yet cave art of this time covered the signs of primitive religions, especially animal myths related to half-humans and monsters.
~3000 BCE: Astrology evolving in the ancient Sumer.
~1470 BCE: Centre of the ancient Thera (the present Santorini) island exploded when the local volcano erupted, which produce Atlantis-myth or at least had strong influence to it, if we believe in present general appreciation.
~1300 BCE: Moses, well known as religious prophet and miracle maker, born in the Egypt.
~600 BCE: Scientific way to thinking began among of Jonian philosophers, who discuss also characters of the human soul and what happened in miracles. First discuss about "extrasensory abilities" happened among Plato's followers.
~600 BCE: Well-known eastern philosopher and mystic Laotse born. He was claimed to live exceptional longevity, like many others who are well know from their wisdom and long-sighted mind.
~546 BCE: Croesus, the king of ancient Lydia, tested skills of oracles and convinced that Delphoi oracle really had paranormal ability to make prediction from the future.
~200 BCE. First known research about acupuncture published in the China.
~6 BCE: Famous miracle maker and mythical prophet of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth born. The Roman Empire crucified him 39 years later because of his religious power.
~100: Caius Plinius Caecilius Secundus described first known poltergeist-like events.
~150: Claudios Ptolemy published his famous treatise about astrology to make it more coherent instead of various different schools. Also majority of the present (orthodox) astrologists founded their astrological thinking on this study.
~312: Constantine the Great saw shining cross in the sky, which had drastic influence in the prevalence of Christianity.
~371: Spiritists used ouija-board first time in the history, although not in that name.
~452: According to Damascus, after Attila lost fight in the Rome, there were unexplained apparitions of solders and noises of fighting around the town in couple of days. Similar events are told to happen also in other crisis situations.
~565: First registered sighting of Loch Ness monster happened when Saint Columbia had the lake monster encounter in the beach of Ness river at his trip in the Scotland.
~988: Witnesses told that Jesus statue of the Puceller's priory began surprisingly crying just few moments before fire destroyed the city. Similar miracles had told everywhere in the world from the early history.
~1136: The treatise about wizard Merlin's prophecies published. Few years later published also Merlin's biography.
~1179: Almost mythological clairvoyant and healer Hildegard died. 24. 9.
~1235: Probably first carefully studied UFO case in the history happened when Japanese general Yoritsume's army observed unexplained light phenomena in the sky. General set research group to study this case and it offered the conclusion that they were only stars, which sway in the wind. 10. 11.
~1407: French queen Isabeau gave birth to illegitimate child, which claimed to be well-known Jeanne d'Arc, the virgin of Orleans. The history told that she did many claimed miracles in the fights that ended victory because of mysterious events and she got lot of publicity in the opposition because of those occasions. Later she caught and burned as the witch, although the Vatican canonizes her 500 years later.

Beginning of modern history
~1503: Well-known astrologer and fortune-teller, Michel de Nostradame born.
~1510: Saint Katarina died to loss of blood when her body temperature
began surprisingly grow and finally her blood, which was leaked from
her body, told to be so hot that anyone couldn't touch it. That
description has some connections with spontaneous human combustion (SHC).
~1513: Piri Reis created his famous map, which include many areas of the Antarctica and America, whose were unknown in his lifetime.
~1561: One of most famous early UFO case, where the citizens of the Nürnberg got into abashed witnesses of strange phenomena above the city. Strangeness of this phenomenon meant lot of cross and saucer like flying objects. Case had noticed by the local media and artist.
~1571: Pope Pius V gets strong vision from victorious sea fight
of Lepanto, which had epochal influence to western culture. First
messengers bring the message after two weeks from the event and they describe events just like pope Pius V.
~1593: First known teleportation case was claimed to happened when Gil Perez, the guard of Manila's governor palace's appeared among the day to the Mexico's Plaza Mayor. Description from the case told that Perez says he was just moment before of the event in the Philippines and he reported newest occasions in that area. He was taken in the local prison, but he get free later when his information can be ensured and Mexican inquisition reach also witnesses, whose witnessed that he really was in his workplace just moment before he appeared to the Mexico. In spite of the wide prevalence of the story, newest information tells that case might be only the urban legend, although parapsychologists know also other claimed teleportation cases like this.
~1603: Joseph of Cupertino born. His claimed psychical gifts,
especially ability to levitation, confirmed after carefully
investigations by inquisition court, which accused he was guilty to
fraudulent plotting.
~1608: Citizen in the Nizza, and few days later in the Genova,
Italy and Marseille, France told to be witnesses of the bright, oval
objects with the humanoid-alike occupants. In the Genova local
military unit try to shoot those objects with their cannons, but
objects had not even damage. Historical sources told also that some
of witnesses died when witnesses got into panic.
~1609: Samuel de Champlain was first noted witness, who made some
entries about strange trembling Indian tent, which are connected to
prediction rituals. After few months he was also first observer who
noticed a strange "monster" in the local lake, which would later
nominate according to him.
~1612: First carefully studied poltergeist case begin in the
Burgundy, France. Disturbances last about three months and those
events include for example transition of the various objects, rain of
the rocks and discussions with strange visitor.
~1681: "Father" of modern parapsychology and one of the founders of
the Royal Society, Joseph Glanvill publish his investigations about
possible consciousness related anomalies. Central place in his study
had a Tidworth poltergeist, which was happened a few years before.
Glanvill also declare his notion, that existence of the God could be
proof for study occasions like this.
~1690: Acupuncture appeared to western country.
~1710: Thomas Fuller – probably first individual who reached publicity
by the "autistic savant" – born in the Africa and sold in 14 year old
as a slave in the America. Like many other savants of that kind,
Fuller managed amazing calculation, but he didn't surmount even a
modest tasks, which were connected to outside mathematics.
~1729: First noted "wild child", Wild-Peter, found at the forest near
Hanover, where he was survived by eating various plant from the
nature. Almost all cultures know cases where kids had grow up with
wild animals, especially with wolfs.
~1743: Probably most notable occultist of the all time, count
Alessandro di Cagliostro born.
~1770: Franz Anton Mesmer discovered a suggestion method, which he named as animal magnetism because of his belief that human body have a magnetic liquid that could cause various health problems when it get into unbalance – and in his belief that method can fix that
unbalance. Later his method rose well-known as hypnosis. Although
Mesmer usually called as a father of hypnosis, similar methods had
used by many others before him.
~1772: Well-known philosopher, mystic and claimed clairvoyant Emmanuel Swedenborg died.
~1776: First report about unknown animals in the central Africa
published, including claim that local natives and some of the
missionaries were detect dinosaur-alike animals in the jungles of
Congo. First expeditions to find living dinosaur from Congo travelled
to country for two hundred years later when those observations are
taken more seriously because of fresh findings of "living fossils".
The same report had also a description about "giraffe of jungles"
that actually found from the jungles of Congo in 1976 and named as
~1784: Mythological count of Saint-Germain died.
~1790: Probably first known claimed UFO-contact happened near the city of Alecon.

~1807: Concept of clairvoyance rise to public knowledge when so called mesmerists (or hypnologists) notice that some persons who are
in "somnambulistic dream" or hypnosis has ability to make
extrasensory perceptions and some of them can do it also in the
normal state of consciousness. At the same time one of Mesmer's
followers, Hector Durville, make first carefully experiments about
out of body experiences those he carry out when his patient were in
the hypnosis, and he reported also so called silver rope, which was
perceived by his volunteer clairvoyant when his patients experienced
~1810: Samuel Hahnemann published the basic concept of homeopathy. Later it noticed as pseudoscience in the science, but it reached also very wide popularity.
~1815: Probably the greatest claimed miracle maker of 1800-ies, Giovanni Bosco born.
~1817: John and Lucy Bell's house is in the focus of strong
poltergeist phenomena almost three years. This was one of those cases that slowly activate wide interest to parapsychology.
~1821: Mary Baker Eddy born. Later she rose to publicity as famous
faith healer and founder of the Christian Science.
~1826: Central founder of spiritualistic movement, Andrew Davis born.
~1828: Kaspar Hauser appeared from the nowhere to the Nürnberg and reached the World wide publicity because of his strange life story and exceptional abilities. He dies five years later by unknown murderer in the mysterious circumstance.
~1831: Well-known psychic and the founder of theosophy, HP Blavatsky born.
~1837: Andrew Crosse begin his enigmatic experiments in his test-tube, where he could create a punks-alike life-forms in the few weeks from the crystal, which include certain minerals and various chemical
liquids, where conducted also weak current. About decade later his
experiments repeated by Michael Faraday and some other scientist, but Crosse himself was however despised in the end of his life. People didn't simply believe those claim or if they did, they thought that Crosse (and his colleagues) was take up a position of the God, which was totally intolerant in his time.
~1841: Psychometry discovered by Joseph Buchanan.
~1845: Teacher Emilie Sagée make a wide fuss among of Neuwelk's
resident when many of her school students and other resident in the
region witnessed for her sightings in the two places at the same
time. Later this phenomenon was named as bilocation.
~1846: French girl Angelique Cottin rose first carefully studied
individual, whose body had tend to draw on and move furniture and
other things without any rational explanation. Almost a century later
one "magnetic" woman applied to test of New York skeptics to winning their open challenge, but they refused without any reason. In some level, phenomenon has obvious connections to poltergeist, which have a many similar quality like the duration and characters of
the "focus" person.
~1846: One of the most famous fortean rain in the history
happened at the Paris when one local house, that were ordered to pull
down, destroyed when huge rocks seems to crash down from the sky
without any natural explanation in spite of careful investigation.
Sources of time tells that phenomenon were witnessed by big guard and a number of curious people, and its duration was three weeks at all, including almost fifty of that rocks. Later similar phenomena all
over the world grew more famous by Charles Fort.
~1848: Margaret and Kate Fox activated the great wave of
spiritism by their claimed communication with a ghost on their house.
In spite of impressively of events, those get into new light when
sisters confess that they produced lot of phenomena by fraud.

~June 1851: French scientists had first carefully examined (forteen)
case where living animal been found inside of the rock, at this case
it was a toad inside of flint. Similar cases are regularly reported
all over the World, and two years later other early case reached
publicity via Scientific American magazine.
~1852 – 1886: Physical medium Daniel Dunglas Home amazed the World by levitation, lengthen of his body and other paranormal abilities. Even many hard core skeptics confess that Home is one of those rare mediums who didn't get caught from fraud despite of many extra careful study with most famous scientist.
~1854: American professor Robert Hare, who was well know as opponent of spiritism, reverse his attitude and anticipated instrumental
transcommunication by building the machine to trying communication
between death and living. Year before there was produced also system called psychograph, which was simple like a pen with mount and cycle and it was used before ouija-board rose more common.
~1854: Well-known physical medium at the end of 1800-ies, Eusapia
Palladino born.
~1854: Famous physicist Michael Faraday begin to study spiritistic
phenomena and make clear observation with his clever experimental
measures, that all so called table dance –phenomena, at least in
those cases which he studied, could be explained by ideomotorical
movements of the participant's hands.
~1855: Devil himself has claimed to walk in Devonshire,
England when there appeared almost two hundred kilometres trace of
hoof in the snow during only one night.
~1858: Lourdes in France Pyrenes rise famous pilgrimage place when claimed that Virgin Mary was point this place to Bernadette Soubirou.
~1861: William Mumler makes history by his ghost photos – first ones
in the world. He reached lot of publicity, but researchers didn't get
any of negatives related those photos and in the World of
parapsychology they reached publicity only as first possible
photographic hoax.
~1861: Philosopher, founder of anthroposophy and occultist Rudolf
Steiner born.
~1863: Borley's parsonage built and later it rose famous as a greatest
haunted house in the England.
~1865: President Lincoln reported to his friends about terrible
dream, where he was in his own funeral and participants answer to his
question that what is happened, that the president was get into focus
of assassination. A few days later Lincoln's dream really comes true.
After a century some people also notice, that president Lincoln's and
President Kennedy's murders and life stories had many conspicuous
similarities, which rose one popular example of claimed synchronicity-
~1868: Well-known astrologer Evangeline Adams born.
~1869: From farm of William Newell found amazing giant's
mummy, which proved as a fraud after few months and public show,
which was built from plaster.
~1871: Sir William Crookes publishes his revolutionary study from
abilities of Daniel Dunglas Home in the Quarterly Journal of Science.
This was only one, but probably most remarkable study on Home's
~1874: Pioneer of paranormal research, Charles Fort born.
~1877: Well-known "sleeping prophet" or Edgar Cayce born.
~1877: Friedrich Zöllner, German professor of astrophysics, believes
that phenomena in physical mediumship are involved with invisible
dimesions and he choice to test his hypotheses with medium Henry
Slade. Zöllner make his task to tie a closed loop, what is impossible
without paranormal intervention, probably with extra dimensions. In
spite of tight experimental circumstances Slade succeed several this
kind of experiments and Zöllner thought that his view has a strong
~1877: Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli observed some kind of channels on the surface of Mars. Issue rose public when well-known
astronomer Percival Lowell continues Schiaparelli's work in 1894 and
he convinced that the "channels" must be synthetic.
~1878: Term "flying saucer" was used first time about UFO's.
~1878-1879: One of the famous and most carefully studied poltergeists in 1800-ies happened in Amherst, Canada, when a nineteen year old Esther Cox overwhelm to focus in strong and violent ghostly disturbances.
~1878: Thirteen year old Lurancy Vennum's case grow the World's
first noticed event related to claimed walk-in phenomenon when her
body capture person who called herself as spirit of Mary Roff. Doctor
E.W. Stewens identify Mary Roff his girl who was previously died.
After that, "Mary Roff" lived with her "family" till Lurancy's person
return as predominant in half year later.
~1882: Well-known medium Gladys Osborne Leonard born. In the light of the evidence and the scientific progress, she was probably best
volunteer in the psychical research, which began in her case almost
the begin of her active mediumship and ended to her death. This kind
of intensive research proved also that the many claimed mediums are
not want to be tested, although they used claimed powers to
commercial purpose – or if they want, many of them actually have not
any exceptional abilities or they are reach those only by fraud.
~1882: F.W.H. Myers created the term "telepathy".
~1882: The Society for Psychical Research founded in England as the
World's first research organisation in parapsychology. Presidents of
this authoritative society were included ministers, Nobelists and
members of Royal Society.
~1883: First official report about a strange light phenomenon in the
Marfa, Texas.
~1883: First photo from claimed UFO was taken in Mexico when director of Zacatecas observatory get a photo one of the strange object, whose go over the Sun when he was study sunspot. In spite of cases like this many of sceptics believe there is not any UFO-reports by professional astronomer.
~1883: Strongest volcanic eruption of the modern history
happened in the island of Krakatau. Several days before that
behaviour of local animals was very exceptional, like in panic, and
lot of animals tried to go out of that area in any price at all.
Animals' possible ability to reach knowledge about catastrophic
events before they happened has tried to use, and in some cases is
claimed to get positive results.
~1887-1889: Well-known skeptic, Richard Hodgson, who was investigated also claimed medium Madame Blavatsky and reported he was catch from the fraud, study well-known medium Leonore Piper in extremely tight controlled experiments and evaluated that he had strong evidence for genuine psychic ability of miss Piper and even evidence for life after death as a result of his experiments. Other Piper-studies had also similar conclusions.
~1889: Term "parapsychology" created by Max Dessoir.
~1896: Modern cryptozoology got started when someone found
bulk of huge sea animal with some tentacle (modern language call them as a globster) in St. Augustine Beach, Florida. At the first it was
classified as a whale by the incredulous researchers, but few decade
later researchers noted in the tissue study that it really is a huge
~Spring 1897: First noted UFO-wave happened (mostly) in the USA.
~1899: One of most famous "psi-stars" in our time, Wolf Messing born
in little village near to Warsaw. Later his psychic abilities are
tested by Einstein, Freud and other well-known scientists, and his
claimed ability to give telepathic suggestions lead him to front of
Stalin from Nazi-Germany where he had huge reward on his head by
Hitler because of public prediction about dead of Führer.

~1900: Archaeologist found so called Antikythera's mechanism from the sunken ship near the island of Antikythera. It was from year 80 BC,
but it had so complex technical construction that official
appreciation of history suppose that should be possible only after
1500 AC.
~1901: So-called cross-correspondence experiment began when various mediums claimed to receive messages from the famous dead
parapsychologist, like Frederich Myers, Henry Sidwick and Edmund
Gurney and those messages got a sense only when they read as a hole, not like a different messages. This strange experiment last for years and real starting point was a promise of late parapsychologists, who declare that they try to communicate with living persons after they
death if it seems possible.
~1901-1904: Numerate horse named Wise Hans amazing the World, although soon researchers proved, that it can calculated only if it got some visual tips from his owner or somebody else, as the case were been also in other similar cases.
~1908: Huge explosion in the Tunguska, Siperia fell lot of
wood, which generate later many UFO theories about incident. After
few decades research scientist believed that explosion caused from
explosion of little comet.
~1916: Sir Oliver Lodge published his famous book about evidence of
life after death including discussions with his son via various
mediums, who was died in the first world war.
~1916: Well-known prophet and healer Grigori Rasputin had a
violent death, after many attempt to murder him, which were all
mysteriously failed.
~1917: Series of mysterious events, called Fatima's
miracle, happened in Fatima, Portugal with over hundred thousand of
witnesses at all.
~1920: Reinhold Ebert created cosmobiology, his research method for astrology. General opinion is however that the method is not valid or it is a pseudo-science.
~July 1920: Marinus Dykshoorn, only medium in the World, whose
abilities are confessed even governmental level, born in the Holland.
~1922: Mathematician S. G. Soal get convinced about reality of
psi when he get into Gordon-Davis case as a witness.
~November 1922: Archaeologist found Pharao Tutankhamen's tomb.
Exceptional many of them, who were opened the grave died soon after that and there happened also other mysterious coincidence, which makes curse of Pharao very popular topic.
~1926: Shanti Devi born in India. Her claimed reincarnation
memories were first ones who got into focus of wide scientific study
when Gandhi set professional research group, which had a conclusion
that the memories are not result of any kind of the normal
information sources. Almost half a century after that Ian Stevenson
began his systematic research with possible reincarnation cases in
University of Virginia.
~1926: Sathya Narayana Raju, known as Sri Sathya Sai Baba,
~1928: Two years after Harry Houdin's death began most
extraordinary series of events in the history of psychical research.
First Houdin's widow got the messages from claimed Houdin's mother
via medium Arthur Ford, which include code word that she were left to
Houdin and her wife only (as the evidence of life after death, if
there is anything) – and that code word was right one. Later she
received famous code from person, who claimed to be Houdin himself, via also medium Arthur Ford. It was complex wholeness of words, whose also produce one word via certain algorithm and this was all right.

Houdin's widow and her witnesses testify released, which was in
general opinion a strong evidence for paranormal phenomena and
survival after death. At the moment the World was amazed this
conclusion, but soon after Houdin's widow released his news began the intense emphasis against her, and finally she was compelled to
withdraw her testify and also isolated to any publicity in this issue. Other skeptics and parapsychologists were also left codes like
this, but after Houdin's case the enthusiasm about "final evidence"
has gone, probably for ever, and someone could even fear, for good
reason of coarse, the destiny of Houdin's widow.
~1929: Gilbert Murray, a well-known professor from the Oxford
University become famous proponent of the parapsychology when he
publish his successful experiments with telepathy. Public interest to
telepathy rises.

~1931: Japanese Tomokichi Fukurai carry out first noted
experiment with so called thoughtography or psychical photography.
Well-known Japanese clairvoyant Koichi Mita produce picture on the
film, which is claimed to represent reverse side of the moon, and he
can make also new similar photo in the repeat experiment. When photos later compared with the moon-photos by NASA, researchers found lot of similarity.
~1932: Parapsychology rise to academically admissible when J.B. Rhine get permission to associate his parapsychology lab under William McDougall's department of psychology in the Duke university.
~1936: Cryptoarchaeology or study of exceptional findings in history
found new kind of enthusiasm via so-called Baghdad battery, which
origin is from 1800 years before Volta created his battery –
officially first time in the history. This discovery and the
phenomenon called electrolysis might be also the solution for the
problem of ancient gilt in certain problematical case.
~1937: Journal of Parapsychology founded.
~1939: Semyon Kirlian observe that certain electrical process can make visible via film that later called as Kirlian photography and some
parapsychologists are interested use the method like this in their
research because of claimed (consciousness related) anomalies within certain Kirlian-photos.
~1942: Claimed sheep-goat-affect rose to publicity in the World of
parapsychology when Gertrude Scmeidler discovered it in his research and created the term for it. Later that topic is extensive
investigated by John Palmer.
~1942: Term "psi" created to describe physical mechanism of possible parapsychological phenomena or anomalistic cognition by Richard H. Thouless and C. Weisner.
~1943: USS Eldenridge disappeared during so-called Philadelphia-
experiment. Main part of claims about this experiments are later
proven as urban legend, but they had certain basis in circumstances
of world war two – like experiments on technology, which get
ships "invisible" to torpedoes and water mines. It is also known that
USS Eldenridge actually was disappeared in that certain day of
experiments, but not because of dematerialization. It was on the trip
at this day and as one of the faster ships in this time it was back
in the starting point during the same day.
~1944: Many people report so called foo-fighters which buzzing and
flying formation with Allied combat aeroplanes in European and
Pacific Theatres of War. Suggestions that they were Axis air weapons
were found unconvincing. Wave of similar phenomena was also in
Finland at 1930-ies and continued in whole Scandinavia after WW2
as "ghost rockets".
~1945: Flight number nineteen disappeared in the area, which
had later called as Bermuda's triangle and present Bermuda-myth
begins, although planes found in the bottom of sea at the several
decides later. According to recent research, there isn't exceptional
number of disappearing in this area.
~June 1947: Physicians in the Zurich, Switzerland study famous fakir
Mirin Dajo, claimed survivor from various deadly situations. He was
put under several unconventional experiments, which one he got a
sword through his body, including several important organs as
roentgen photo shows. After the experiment he seems to recover almost deadly organic damage. Various similar abilities had also observed on mediums and religious saints.
~1947: Kenneth Arnold witnessed saucer-alike flying objects
above of Mount Ranier when he was flying in the area. Because of his
descriptions from that incident, term "flying saucer" began its
conquest in the World media.
~1947: Most famous UFO crash in the history happened in the
Roswell, although it was probably some kind of secret military device.
~1948: First official UFO research project, Project Sign, begin
by the motion of General C. Craigie. Later it changes to Project
Grudge and after that to Project Blue Book. Career of famous UFO
investigator J. Allen Hynek begins also from this project.
~1949: Marcello Bacci makes some experiments with his tube-radio and found inexplicable sounds and words in the recording, which seems to be messages from individuals who were already dead or tell something about life after death. Phenomena got name instrumental
transcommunication (ITC) when it came more popular via experiments of Friedrich Jürgenson and Konstantin Raudive. Bacci himself work later as famous physical medium in the Italy.

~1951: Healing became more popular around the World when it changed legal in the USA and some other country.
~1951: International Parapsychology Foundation founded.
~1952: Famous psychiatrist CG Jung and Nobel-rewarded physicist
Wolfgang Pauli published they hypotheses, that some "unknown power" force events sometimes differ to normal causality and leaded them to meaningful coincidence. They named phenomena as a synchronicity.
~1952: CIA started own research program to study extrasensory
perception (ESP).
~July 1952: France Air Forces found official UFO investigation
committee, which replaced later as department of Defence Forces,
GEPAN, which co-ordinated network of officers, whose had a duty to
report any possible UFO-cases to them.
~Autumn 1952: Coral and Jim Lorenzen founded in the Tucson the World's oldest private UFO organization (APRO).
~1953: American inventor T. T. Brown observes that certain system can be levitated by conduct high-voltage to the device. Phenomenon could explain mainly by ionisation, but evidently this is not whole truth.
Similar devices had later built also Professor John Searl.
~ 1953: Robertson's UFO panel meets to make sure, that all
UFO reports really are various misunderstanding. In spite of
Robertson's committee opinions and CIA's authority, many open-minded scientists hadn't been so sure for that.
~1953: Defence Force of United States of America publish guides
named JANAP 146, which define punishment to the military personnel
and authorities, who disclose their information about foreign devices
and other exceptional objects. Guides specify also UFOs.
~July 1953: Albert K. Bender claim that he encountered two men in
black, who warned him to disclose his knowledge about "flying
saucer". Story started the modern MIB-myth.
~1954: Freiburg's University in Germany opened the chair of
parapsychology, which received well-known parapsychologist Hans
~1954: Parapsychology laboratory at University of Duke began
significant series of experiments with possible animal-psi (ANPSI).
Experimental animal was the dog named Chris, which had an ability to
guess senders thought clearly above the pure change without any
possibility of normal tips.
~1955: Michael Gauquelin published first articles his wide statistical
research on astrology, where he found the little correlation between
planets and some human groups. Especially so-called Mars-effect is
well known related to his study.
~Spring 1955: The World's first UFO research journal, Flying Saucer
Review starts to come out.
~1956: Matthew Manning born. He awake the wide interest in
parapsychology circles about ten years old when he get into focus of
poltergeist's and had a ability of spoon bending. In the present day
he worked as healer.
~1956: UFO research organization NICAP (National Investigations
Committee on Aerial Phenomena) founded.
~1956: One of most significant visual-/radar case in the UFO
history happened between Lakenheath and Bentwaters in the England.
~1957: Parapsychological Association founded. It associated to AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) member in year 1969 and after that it rose probably most significant organization in parapsychology at international level, like the Society for Psychical Research.
~1957: Professor of parapsychology W. H. F. Tenhaeff began his
notable precognition experiments with well-known medium,
or "paragnost", Gerard Croiset.
~1958: 450 pilot in the US air force, who have seen UFOs one
time or more, protested via collective appeal against JANAP 146
guides and politics which understate the UFO and related phenomenon.

~1960: To resolves the mystery of snowman World Book Encyclopedia financed expedition to Himalayas, which had directed by Desmond Doig and Sir Edmund Hillary, who is well-known as first human who conquered Mount Everest.
~1960: Czechoslovakia rises to focus of the world of parapsychology
for almost decide because of local "psi-star", Pavel Stepanek.
~1960: Term "paranormal" used first time by French philosopher, CJ
~1960: Loch Ness monster rise to legendary name when Tim Dinsdale got it his famous film and lake grow to continuous interest of
research in cryptozoology, where also Dinsdale himself is in central
position after he renounced his job as aeroplane engineer to became
full-time cryptozoologist in the Loch Ness. As his first job he
founded an office for investigation of Loch Ness monster, which
collected and study the monster reports.
~1962: Thomas Kuhn published his famous book (Structure of Scientific Revolutions) about scientific paradigms.
~1963: Dermo-optical perception or "sight without eyes" rose to
interest of science when researchers published investigations of Rosa
Kulesova's case. Although phenomenon had reached wide publicity
before, for example via case of Benito Paz in year 1937.
~1963: Jeane Dixon became famous via public prediction in
13.5.1956, where she told that the next president will be democratic,
who murdered before the end of his presidency. Prediction seems to be real when John F. Kennedy murdered and Dixon rose to most famous fortune-teller in the United States, where even many fails in the
public predictions didn't dim her star. Murder of the Kennedy
generated also lot of conspiracy theories – and surprisingly
evidences really are behalf of some kind of conspiracy, which
certainly can't tell all of the conspiracy theories.
~1964: First experiment about possible telepathy during sleep begins
in New York.
~1964: Russian psychic Nina Kulagina rose to focus of parapsychology and also foreign researchers, like Finnish Jarl Fahler, get at Soviet Union to test her claimed psychokinetic abilities. Decade later, when Kulagina's abilities were weakened, researchers studied similar abilities of Boris V. Ermolaev, but then interest of western
countries concerned mainly to their own psychics, like Uri Geller.
~1964: NICAP's report "The UFO evidence" is first wide scientific
study about UFOs.
~1964: Claimed roentgen sight of Vera Petrovnas produced great
public interest all over the World. Forty years later also other
similar cases from Russia reach also wide publicity.
~1965: Joseph Rhine retire and his parapsychology lab moved outside of University.
~1966: Cleve Backster began his first experiments with plant's
~1966: Karl Nikolajev participated to famous telepathic
experiment, where the "sender" located in Moskova when Nikolajev
himself was as "receiver" in Novosibirsk, almost three thousand
kilometres from Moskova. This started the series of telepathic
experiments where the distance of sender and receiver was between few kilometres and thousands of kilometres, and which generated one of greatest parapsychology-boom in our time at Soviet Union, although it was still very authoritarian country. Nikolajev himself was powerful psychic, who claimed to get his special abilities only from very rigorous training.
~1967: First study about the power of prayer published. According to
researcher Robert Miller, praying accelerated grow of ryegrass.
~1967: Jule Eisenbud published his study about abilities of Ted
Serios, who claimed to generate various photos in the film by power
of his mind, even from so called Faraday's cage. However, soon after
when few expert of photography technology publish their conclusions,
that in circumstances of Eisenbud's experiments photos could be
produced by the fraud, Eisenbud declared that Serios lost his
~1967-68: One of most famous and most investigated poltergeist case raged in the city of Rosenheim, West Germany in local lawyer's
office. Investigations were mainly co-ordinated by few physicists of
Max Planck Institute and parapsychology department of Freiburg's
University. Almost the same time happened also in Miami, where one
also very famous poltergeist case rose wide interest all over the
~1967: Bigfoot hunters Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin got ape-
alike animal to film in the Northern California. Later this film rose
most famous, even might not to better, evidence for the existence of
so called bigfoot.
~1968: Roger Nelson founded his famous central premonitions registry, which received reports of possible precognitive dreams.
~1968: AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) asked two its technical committee to establish sub-committee for
investigation of UFO phenomenon. Later committee, including eleven
well-known scientists, opened conclusions of Condon's committee to
~1969: Physician Helmut Schmidt publishes his first wide experiments
with micro-psychokinesis, where are used computers and random event generators. Results, where probability of pure chance was on average in one to millions, are estimated most remarkable in the history of parapsychology.
~1969: Condon's committee publish report on UFO phenomenon,
named The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, after work
of two years. Report includes only few cases in the UFO history and
30% of them stay without acceptable explanation and investigation of
the phenomena don't need any more recourse.
~1969: Project Blue Book closed.
~1969: AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of
Sciences) organised general UFO symposium in the Boston.

~1970: Charles Honorton developed ganzfeld-method to his study for the extrasensory perception (ESP). Later Honorton and his colleagues got a noticeable results when they used ganzfeld, but other hand
skeptics had criticized that there is also many researchers who try
to repeat the ganzfeld-experiments without any noticeable results.
Honorton himself died tragically in 1992 when he was prepare his
doctoral dissertation.
~January 1971: UFO wave in the Pudasjärvi, Finland. Events had many similarities with events in Hessdalen at decade later.
~1972: Concept of channelling rose well-known when Jane Roberts and Robert Butss publish they book, Seth Speaks. Channelling is new form of mediumism, where person claimed to be contact with "highest
~1973: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell takes a part in the experiment, where
was purposing to test telepathy between the Earth and space.
~1973: Psychic surgery or logurgy got the world wide publicity, but in
the exact study many of claimed healer got caught in the fraud. Later
proved that Tony Agpaoa, who grew very prosperous, used many
tricks in his "surgery". For example, blood-like red liquid wasn't
blood at all, "kidney stones" were actually volcanic stones
and "fresh" tissues were actually almost decaying.
~1973: UFO organization NICAP closed and ownership of they archives transfer to Center for UFO Studies, founded by J. Allen Hynek in December 1973.
~January 1973: American Society for Psychical Research carries out the study about out of body experiences (OOBE). Research director Karlis Osis find almost hundred volunteer who had OOBE almost every month and ask them to try make perceptions from certain place in possible ecsomatic state. Many of them had OOBE in research period and they descriptions from this place become noticeable proof for hypotheses that person really can make extrasensory perceptions in the OOBE state.
~Spring 1973: Members of parapsychological society of Toronto claimed to make a first successful experiment to create an artificial ghost like phenomenon.
~1974: Uri Geller visiting around the World. In spite of his wide
reputation, researchers didn't take Geller case so serious because of
his refuses from most of well-controlled experiments and he had to
confess also got caught in fraud. At the same time scientists like
John Hasted and C. Crussard leave Geller among his own media circus and focusing to study other spoon benders, especially children, in the tight controlled experiments and got lot of noticeable results.
~1974: Stanford Research Institute (SRI) began experimental research program for parapsychology with financial support from the Pentagon.
~1974: Terribly burnt Jack Angel awoke in his house trailer at
Savannah, Georgia and had to go hospital for two month. Seems like he was burst into flames from inside his body without any outside
damage, even for near fire sensitive objects. Event rose most famous
case around so-called spontaneous human combustion phenomenon.
~1975: One of most famous UFO-swindler Eduard "Billy" Meier
comes public as claimed extraterrestrial contacteer. Especially his
claimed UFO photos are well-known, but many of them are very obvious forgeries.
~1975: 186 prestigious scientists around the World take the astrology
as total flim-flam and just to make sure they disapprove it in their
shared statement.
~ Summer 1975: Ralph Wetzel generated the real scientific sensation by his observation, that one peccary species is life and well in the
Paraguay and it was locals greatest delicacy, which had sold also to
markets of US and Europe, even although that it was believed to
deceased about eight thousands year before. This observation was one especial case that proved we do not know very much life in the
outlying areas, which also decreases the disdain of cryptozoology.
~1976: Famous healer Harry Edwards dies.
~1976: Skeptical organization CSICOP (Committee for Scientific
Investigation of the Claims of the Paranormal) founded in United
States. Later this organization expanded the World wide and after
that founded also many local skeptical organizations, like Finnish
Skepsis in 1987.
~1977: Betty and Barney Hill's claimed UFO abduction from year 1961 come public.
~1977: Prestigious Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases publish two Ian Stevenson's research article in same year, which were an
evaluation of evidence for so called reincarnation hypotheses. Later
many people and scientists saw this hypotheses as proved because of Stevenson's work, although Stevenson himself is more cautious and
describe his work "only" remarkable.
~1977: Michael Persinger released his well-known hypotheses, that
unexplained aerial lights are piezo-eletrical phenomena from
geophysical process. This kind of phenomena is more typical in the
areas within strong geological tension.
~1977: Great UFO discussion in United Nations general meeting
by initiative of Grenada's Prime Minister. Meeting suggests that
member states should take phenomena more serious and reported they possible measures to UN.
~November-December 1978: Many remarkable close encounters to
unexplained light phenomena that happened in Australia and New
Zealand. One veteran pilot disappears in the area after his radio
message about real time UFO encounter. In New Year's Eve one TV-group among passengers of freight aeroplane above of New-Zealand got in the film two of those light when also flight control follow them with
~1979: Professor Robert Jahn, director of Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering's department in the University of Princeton, opens famous PEAR lab (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) to his department for study of possible psychokinetic effect in electrical and
mechanical machines, or so called human/machine anomalies (HMA).
~1979: Offices in United States had to publish many UFO related secret documents because of new Freedom of Information Act from year 1976.
~1979: House of Lords in UK parliament discussed UFO question
for three hours.

~1980: Well-known Dutch medium Gerard Croiset dies.
~July 1980: France UFO Research Centre GEPAN published report, which prove that UFO phenomena is part of technological, and its characters seems to be exceed level of our highest technology. In year later also NATO publish report with same kind of conclusions.
~August 1980: First conspicuous crop circles appear in Wiltshire,
~1980: Famous Rendlesham UFO case in Great Britain,
where witnesses were military officers. Two days later happened also
United States in so called Cash-Landrum case, where independent
witnesses saw unidentified flying object, which get into surrounded
by military helicopters and escape. Three individuals who were
nearest from it, or other words experienced close encounter of third
degree, got later similar symptoms than burn cases.
~1981: Dutch professor emeritus of parapsychology, W. H. C Tenhaeff dies. His follower in Ütrecht parapsychology unit was from year 1974 Martin Johnson and later his chair received parapsychologist Dick Bierman.
~1982: International society of cryptozoology founded.
Cryptozoologists study claimed observations about unidentified
animals and species that is believed to disappear from the Earth.
Earned income for cryptozoologists could list lot of discoveries and
classifications related to this kind of species. Although famous Loch
Ness monster is almost a modern myth for many cryptozoologists, it
isn't situation in case of many other claimed animals, like Yeti or
~1982: Centre for UFO studies (CUFOS) had 70.000 UFO reports in its computer registers and 20% of them need to additional study. At same time organization has collected to databases the tens of thousands newspaper articles from all over the World. By millennium UFO investigators has total over half million UFO reports.
~1983: Communist party of China begins to use services of "qiqong-
master" Zhang Baosheng when marshal Ye Jianyingin got sick. Baosheng is China's most famous psychic and his claimed abilities covered also some kind of "roentgen sight" and ability to move objects by the power of his mind, which called psychokinesis and teleportation in Western Countries. Baosheng lives luxuriously at expense of Communist Party because he has made an agreement that he and his abilities are loyal only for interest of China. In practice qi-term mean same as western countries "psi".
~1984: Psychology department of the Edinburgh University founded
parapsychology research unit and declares to open the chair of
parapsychology. Parapsychologist Robert Morris receive the office in
985 and he worked as professor of parapsychology until his death in august 2004.
~From 1984: Project Hessdalen began three year after that local began saw strange light phenomena. Seems probably that observations related to piezo-electrical phenomena. At present there is multifaceted measuring station in the area.
~February 1984: Soviet Union set national commission to study UFO
~October 1984: Huge hole appear to the ground in the State of
Washington and huge piece of ground from the hole was about twenty
meter from the hole itself like it would be tore up from the ground.
Although they are relatively rare, similar events are reported all
over the World.
~1986: Famous and best documented claimed "UFO crash" happened near Vladivostok in Russia, but results of study are mainly in secret for an indefinite period.
~1986: Famous UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek dies.
~~1987: Whitley Strieber began UFO abduction boom and one kind of person cult by his books.
~1988: William H. Spaulding from Ground Saucer Watch organisation analyzed about one thousand claimed UFO photos by computer. His
opinion was that 605 of theme were a fake and about 350 were
misunderstanded phenomena.
~1988: One of prominent UFO investigators in the World, Jacques
Vallee, got conclusion that UFO phenomena probably related to
multiversum and parallel dimensions.
~1988: Coral Lorenzen dies and the World oldest UFO organization, APRO ends its activities.
~1989: Foundantions of Physics -journal published wide analyses from over eight hundred experiments related to claimed anomalous
intentional effect in microlevel physical systems (micro-
psychokinesis). Conclusion of article is that there is quite obvious
evidence for some kind of anomaly related to micro-psychokinesis.
~1989: News agency TASS releases, that UFO landed to the park
in city of Voronesh, but later study seems to proved that claimed
event is probably a fraud.
~1989: Belgian's UFO wave, where thousands of people saw
triangle-like object flying on the area. Some of them got also photos
from the object, Belgian fighters took after it and it observed also
in the radar.
~From 1989: Crop circles grow to publicity for their full power.
Greatest number of the crop circles appeared in the Wiltshire,
England, what is also one of the World New Age -center, which is
coincidence that grow suspicions in many researchers.
~1989: Jose Pilon's research group got various proves from paranormal phenomena when they study claimed haunted palace of Linares near Madrid.

1990: Famous parapsychologist Scott Rogo murdered at his home. At his last years he was focused to study about claimed phone calls from the death, so called electronic voice phenomena (EVP).
~1991-1993: UFO wave of Mexico, where researchers got data that
probably hundred of thousands people has make observations and
related to events they collected hundreds of claimed UFO photos and
films. UFO wave continuing also later years and in the may 2004 Air
Forces of Mexico makes radar detections from the strange,
unidentified objects and they got them also to the infra red film.
~1992: Michael Persinger published his magnetic helmet, which can
produce various anomalistic experiences, for example feeling of
presence, kind of the out of body experience, abduction like
experiences and other strange feelings and hallucinations. Helmet
produces also religious experiences to some person. Persinger's
opinion is that piezo-electrical fields produces lot of UFO and
related experiences.
~October 1993: Famous parapsychologist Dean Radin founded
Consciousness Research Division to the University of Nevada to
practice basic- and application research of claimed psi.
~December 1993: Energy-, research- and technology commission of
European Parliament discussed about motion, that EU should give
financial support to pan-European UFO centre, SEPRA.
~1994: Paranormal research and related activity move slowly to
Internet age as other aspect of the Society and public interest to
physical activity turn to downwards. Some organizations, which can't
adapt to new environment, even close they activities.
~1995: Senate of United States closed Project StarGate, the CIA's 24
year-old research program of psychic spying.
~1995: Well-known skeptic Richard Wiseman starts the psi research
program at department of psychology in the University of
Hertfordshire, England. At same time Susan Blackmore, who is also
famous skeptic, start similar research in Bristol. Both of them got
financial support from new Perrot-Warric fund that was obviously end
up to control of devoted skeptics.
~1996: Albert Budden state, that various UFO experiences are side
effect of electro-magnetic pollution in the brain. He has similar
opinions than famous neuroscientist Michael Persinger.
~1996: News agency told over the World that unidentified flying
object has crash in Varginha, Brasilia. Locals claimed that strange
incident started when they had to witness running humanoids in the
area and mysterious military operation where they seemed to hunt
~1997: MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) grew to world widest UFO
organization. It has over five thousand UFO investigators around the
~1997: Dean Radin published most comprehensive meta-analysis in
parapsychology, which proves that psi seems to be exist. Even
prestigious journal Nature published book-review about Radin's study,
where was also noted the dangers of meta-analysis.
~December 1997: Internationally most interesting project in the World
of parapsychology was getting started from general discussion in the
Freiburg's conference of information sciences. That was study of
possible psi effect related to global situation, especially
emotionally remarkable events, which was began at 1998 as Global
Consciousness Project in the University of Princeton, where working
also Robert Jahn's PEAR lab.
~1997: Society for Scientific Exploration assembles the panel of prestigious scientist to evaluating UFO phenomena. Chairman
of panel was famous astrophysicist Peter Sturrock and it had
financial support from the Laurance S. Rockefeller fund. Society
published panel's work in the June 1998, where it recommended that
any self-respectful scientists should take a more serious attitude to
UFO phenomena.
~June 1999: Julie Milton and Richard Wiseman published meta-analysis that covered thirty newest Ganzfeld-study, which were done by ten different researchers because of earlier remarkable results in the Ganzfeld studies. However meta-analysis show, that there is not any kind of sign that earlier positive results would repeated in the
newest research. Sceptics saw this proved that psi doesn't exist and
earlier studies had some unidentified methodological weakness. Others saw that so called failings in the study can be due to insufficient
measures in those research and if psi exist also researchers mind
must take into consideration as part of circumstances. Although both
sides had an opinion that Ganzfeld has most remarkable method in the parapsychology and many saw also that additional research needed.
~1999: French general's COMETA-report published. It concentrated to UFO phenomena relations to national defence. Report was result of the work of prestigious COMETA-group, nominated by defence forces in 1995. Report's conclusion is that the extraterrestrial (ET) hypothesis is in some UFO cases only sensible explanation and it evaluated, what kind of things human kind should be prepared in the future related to UFO phenomena.
~November 1999: Montague Keen, David Fontana and Arthur Ellison
published report from they and their colleagues studies in Scole,
England, where happened most remarkable events of modern physical mediumship.

From year 2000
~February 2001: Sam Parnia's study about near death experiences (NDE) published in prestigious Resuscitation journal, where Parnia proved that hypothesis of real ecsomatic state need to be taked seriously and research should to be continued. Over two years later Peter Fenwick started NDE research, which have – because of its clever measures – chance to decisive prove related to this hypothesis.
~May 2001: Philosopher and transhumanist Nick Bostrom published his famous simulation-argument and its basic idea released at same time also in the Finland. As a result of this discovery, hypothesis that
we actually live in the simulation had giving totally new standpoint
to research of paranormal phenomena.
~2003: University of Lund in Sweden released to open the Chair
of parapsychology and hypnology.
~August 2003: Scientist in United States noticed that they can't find
a match to any identified animal when they study DNA in the furs of
Yeti kind animal, which locals claimed to saw in the Sumatra.
~2003: Group called Yellow Bamboo released to pass preliminary
test of the million dollar challenge of James Randi by prove they
claimed paranormal abilities to deputy of Randi's fund in the
Philippines. After the sensational news Randi plead to little
technical weaknesses in the film from the event and disqualify the
result. However Randi released that group is welcomed to actual test
to the Florida, unlike in 1999 when he hadn't want to test claimed
noneating man. If Yellow Bamboo got the moneys for the Florida's
trip, it is sure that many are interested to follow if group beats
Randi himself.
~2003: In the Hampton Court Palace, which is claimed to be
haunted, security camera got a film from the strange human form who
opened the closed side door and then vanish without any trace, in
spite of the local security guard's work.
~January 2004: At 1977 opened UFO Research Centre GEPAN, which was replaced for the wider department SEPRA (Service d' Expertise des Phénomenes de Rentrées Atmosphériques) in 1988, ordered to close. At the same finished also activities of UFO research network, which was covered the French police forces. Similar destiny had to undergo also other governmental UFO research projects in the USA and UK.
~2004: SETI@home –project (Search of Extraterrestrial
Intelligence) told to find possible signal from extraterrestrial
intelligence. News grows into World media, which rose many
speculations where ET-contact has told almost sure. Enthusiasm
decrease soon when researchers noticed that the "signal" was only
thing what was got into manual check from the computer sieve, not
absolutely sure ET-contact. Signal don't get any sure explanation in
the manual examinations, but seems probably that it isn't ET-contact
or if it was, that hadn't very good quality for that. Scientists
think this relatively short signal was probably an accidental pulse
of information, whose are very likely in great mass of random data.
Modern SETI-research had been done from 1960-ies to present days and SETI-projects are sometimes received similar unexplained signals, whose don't be repeated. This wasn't first, and it will probably be also last time when those signal candidates rose in the World media as false report.
~2004: Researchers found new human species named Homo Floriensis from Flories-island in Indonesia. Discovery proves that our species were lived with other human species only in 18.000 years ago or maybe less, because cryptozoologists know relatively new descriptions from mysterious dwarf-man, which seems had much similarity to this human species.

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