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St. James Cemetery - Willow Springs
also known as the haunted Monk's Castle.

Updated - 11/1/05 with information below
on the Paranormal activities, written in the
book by Willow Springs Historical Society
- History of Willow Springs 1892 -1995

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Images from
St. James Cemetery
An Irish cemetery from the 1800's and
has been documented as being haunted
and showcased on television shows.
Also known to many as Monk's Castle

A - Look on the door -
What looks like a blue cross or glow,
could not be seen with my eyes.

B - St. James Church.

C - View of Cemetery Layout .

D - View of Cemetery running down hill.

E - Path were spirits have ....
This is a path were spirits / ghosts
have been seen and recorded by others.

G - Some call them 'devil chairs',
were Satan would wait or visit.

H - Another view of headstones running down hill.

I - Love the look of these head stones!

Updated - 11/1/05 with information below
on the Paranormal activities, written in the
book by Willow Springs Historical Society
- History of Willow Springs 1892 1995 -

Sept. 30 1897

Father Bollman of St. James held a fair in the large hall at the bottom of the hill to raise funds for the parish. Two Chicago Musicians, Prof. William Loony and John Kelly were hired to provide the entertainment for the event.

Not wishing to travel back to Chicago in the wee hours of the morning, the two men settled on cots in the upper floor of the large hall. Kelly fell asleep but the Prof. William Loony became restless. The night was cold and the glow of the moonlight turned the road into a ribbon of silver.

Suddenly the sound of galloping horsed and a carriage filled the air. Getting louder and louder as it neared the hall, it passed and faded into the night but Looney could not see nothing as he peered out the window. He woke Kelly and told him of the experience. As he spoke, the sounds returned again and faded into the night.

In their place, the form of a young woman in white appeared in the road. Again the sounds of galloping horses neared and this time materialized - snow white and covered with a fine veil, pulling a solemn dark carriage.

It was said by old times that the ghosts were those of a young assistant to the priest and a young housekeeper at the rectory who fell in in the early 1880's. They fought against their feeling until they finally decided to elope. Late one night he hitched up a team of horses and a wagon and told her to wait for him halfway down the hill so they would not be seen. As he approached she called out "come on". The horses bolted as she boarded, turning over the wagon and killing them both.

They were buried together in an unmarked grave in St. James Cemetery and on moonlit nights are said to be doomed to re-enact their attempt to elope.

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