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Banish & Protect
by Wkd_Angel

Merry Meet to all who visit here.

This is an article that came about from postings on our Yahoo Group,
when one of the members had a problem and asked for help.

The writer here is known as Wkd_Angel, and I must say it answers
a lot, gives advice and some history of how it all came about and
a some insight to the path of Wkd_Angel.

To those in need who came here, may you leave with knowledge
to help you. For others - enjoy.

Blessed Be

Edward Shanahan
The Unexplained World

(1st posting)

I hope no one minds, I thought I'd explain how I feel about curses.
All of this may be looked at differently here, this is my opinion only.
(Excuse the caps, not yelling, just stressing it's importance:)

It's possible for a curse to work, BUT the person who the curse was
directed to, it's in THEIR control. The one who feels a victim, actually
has the upper hand.

We can't control other's thoughts and actions, people are always getting
upset with people, jealous, all kinds of negative emotions. People curse
all the time without even knowing it, because a curse is like a spell, it's
THOUGHT and Direction. A "Dirty Look" is negative energy sent too.

Thought is the MAJOR ingredient for spell work, directing a negative
thought, or look, is equalling a curse. When people go beyond the
thought, and take action with witchcraft, the main thing to keep in
mind, they do NOT have power over you, never ever surrender your
power to another thinking they are going to do harm. By doing that
it creates FEAR, and you're weaving your own spell that they are in
control, just by thinking it.

The first thing I would do is analyze the situation, why things appear
like a curse was put on me. Was it me just being clumsy? Was I shook
up about the day? Did I do something in that relationship for it to fail?
Maybe the Universe/God/Goddess/ has someone much better in mind
for me that will come along? Too,which this one's usually the case, our
subconsience can be making things materialize from fear.

There are A LOT of Frauds out there that call themselves Psychic, that
will TELL you that you have a CURSE on you to get MONEY, and then
you keep going back to them, PLEASE BE CAREFUL of this. I've heard
nightmare stories about some people losing everything they own to a
psychic that wasn't real.

What source has told you about your supposed curse on you? Is this a
reliable source? If there's any doubt, I would Protect myself. (I believe in
doing this anyway:)

What we can do to protect ourselves to take action, is go to our foundation
of belief, whether it's Christian, Wicca, American Indian, whichever it may be,
ask / pray for PROTECTION.

There's burning candles, prayer, carrying stones, amulets, charms, writing verses
of the Bible and carrying them around in your purse or pocket, tons of things to
do for Protection. Some people call on white light, surrounding themselves with
it with meditation calling their Deity. Crossing yourself is a form of Protection

There is one spell I see over and over,maybe a preference I've seen
in the Witchcraft groups I'm in. A Mirror Spell. for Protection, to
imagine / visualize a mirror, or hold a mirror so that their negative
energy reflects from you and goes away to dissipate in the Universe.
Which I believe is a lot better than sending the energy back to them,
to avoid a snowball effect situation.

Reach deep inside you for the strength to BELIEVE you can overcome
dark / negative energies, by shedding light to them, pray / ask your
Deity / God / Goddess for help and direction too, then pay attention to
your dreams, you may get some answers to help you.

Above all remember YOU are in control. I hope this helps:)


(2nd Posting - Follow Up)

Hi Lisa, I'm so glad I could help out :)

There are members of my family that used dark magick/evil intentions,
against me. It was right after my Mother passed away, they wanted her
estate she left me, so I had to protect myself, they even confirmed that
they were doing things to harm me, using witchcraft.

This is how I handled this, I knew I was defending myself against some
highly evolved witches, in their late 40's a couple of them in their 50's
I was 32, YET I had been into witchcraft for a long long time and that
they had no Idea I knew anything about it. I started sending
unconditional love to hate, it makes the hate dissipate, you can compare
this to a room full of serious people, ONE laughs, it destroys the
meditations of the people sending the ill intentions, their
concentration, it's like turning on a light in a pitch black room,
the light takes over, it's Amazing the results of this.

If it's hard for someone to send the unconditional love, like it was
for me to do because I did love them, they were my family and for
them to turn like that hurt me deeply... I thought of : It's the actions
the person's doing NOT the person themselves that are hateful or
evil / negative. So I sent them love and forgiveness, I told them
I forgave them. Which did shock them!

Although my email says Wicca, I'm not Wiccan, my Ex set up my email
account and assumed I was, by the name Wkd. (he didn't know me very
well obviously lol) I have been a Catholic Witch for 20 some odd years, incorporating the Saints with Magick:)

I had asked Saint Barbara for the strength and protection I needed
for the battle, then I used an old photograph of my Great Grandmother,
they always did what she said as children, without back talk! They were
terrified of that woman, so I got her spirit on my side to help me. I lit a
white candle, also I put a saucer of water by my bed, to catch negativity
and then dumped it in the mornings, this worked well altogether, also
my Mother had just passed away, I feel she may have had a spiritual hand
in helping me too:) A friend of mine called me right after I did this, she DREAMED of what sounded like the description of my Great Grandmother!
She didn't know her, or had ever SEEN her, so I had confirmation to
continue with how I was doing things:)

My family, they were eclectic, using different traditions of belief, and
mixed a lot of magick, so you can imagine all the Energy that was being
worked with when this was happening! I'm mentioning all of this because
maybe some people can benefit from this. I notice too a lot of witches
that instantly want to cast a spell rather than deal with their problems
head on, or worse yet immediately want to curse someone instead of
talking it out, which I don't think is right, but they're doing that.

Maybe my tips will help someone, if ever put in a situation like this,
or one similar.

My family has left me alone for a while now, but I never know what
they'll pull, so I stay protected and aware.

We haven't spoken now in years, at one time we were all close,
but when they knew, that I knew, we stopped talking. So sad it was
all over money..

Apparently they had gotten a hold of some things that were in my
Mother's house, that has had my vibration on them since childhood,
and were using them as tools against me, some things I couldn't get
my hands on to clear, the family was out of state. I was the beneficiary,
so they were trying to get rid of me so they would get her estate.
If I died, they would get the money..

I normally don't share my experiences, but once this subject was
brought up about curses,and seeing how some witches instantly
cast spells for situations, they're not thinking right IMO, and could
be harming themselves and *possibly others if they learn how to use
what's really available for them, and they learn how to use it.

I'm hoping this post and my experiences has given other's awareness
of their OWN power, and not be, or feel like, a victim of
hot-headed-witches flying off the broom handle;) Sorry couldn't resist! :) Wkd_Angel

© 2004 Wkd_Angel

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