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The Unexplained World Broadcast of the Spiritual & Spirits.
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The Unexplained World Web Site

Website of links
for Chicago & other Paranormal Interests.

Chicagolands Largest New-Age & Fantasy Shows

Witches' Voice
Site of Chicago's Haunts by C.T.


Shadows Of Chicago
Will County
Ghost Hunters Society

Sanctuary Of The Crescent Moon

Project Mercury

Coven of the
White Heart

S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of
St. Petersburg

Gaea's Garden!

Visit, your online source for everything Halloween in Illinois

To Exchange Links
Ed Shanahan
Your Hosts for The Unexplained World Broadcast.
Annette - Host
High Priestess - Reader - Paranormal

Ed Shanahan - 'Sun Ray'
Paranormal - Reader - Spiritual
Meet Who The Hosts Are & Others behind The Unexplained World.
Those who are interested in being interviewed, tell your story, have us
come out to your haunted location or know of one, etc.
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b Our Sponsors

Rico D's
Pizza Ristorante
In Willow Springs IL.
"Great Italian Food & Fun"
8933 S. Archer Avenue
Willow Springs, IL 60480

Dining Room, Bar, Carryout,
Outdoor Cantina, Catering,
and Delivery.

Located in The Haunted Building
Once owned by Al Capone.

The Ashbary Coffee House
in Willow Springs IL.
8695 S. Archer Avenue
Willow Springs, IL 60480

(Located in the Old Willow Shopping Center - Willow Springs Rd. & Archer Ave.).

A Great & Popular location, home
to many of The Unexplained World's events and Gatherings.


PAGANSDOOR specializes in new age home decor and gifts. Greg and Annette handcraft these items in their home near the Indiana Dunes. Together they design, create and magically enhance every piece that comes out of their studio by hand.

Annette is the High Priestess of Coven
of the White Heart and has been a practicing witch over 15 years. Items that come with blessings are blessed by her in Wiccan ceremony.

You also have the option of sending your own graphics or favorite line-art image to be engraved or imaged.

If you have an idea in your head for a ritual tool, home decor or furniture piece, contact them and they will create it for you; "one of a kind"!

Visit Their Web Site Here

Video Tape of Bachelor's Grove
From The Unexplained World.
Historic Bachelors Grove Cemetery
and 3 other locations can be yours!

Click Here for more information.

The Unexplained World
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Feel Free to contact by e-mail Ed Shanahan
Also can arrange for other readers, our Psychic Feeler Amy,
to participate and who are part of The Unexplained World.

Where We Will Be At:
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We are receiving more requests from locations for our Psychic Faires
in the near future - and will also be returning to our home location
The Ashbary Coffee House in Willow Springs, IL in the near future.

Join our Yahoo Group to keep updated on our upcoming events of interest.

If you are interested in having us do a reading of you as an individual, or
a Psychic Party with friends, or a company gathering or part of a store
event etc... (never know till you ask), contact by e-mail: Ed Shanahan

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