The Unexplained World.
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Video
Historic Haunted Location
Ghosts, Spirits, The Paranormal, Satanic worship & more.

(See 3 photos below)
VHS video tape of the actual Bachelor's Grove location

2 Other Chicagoland Cemeteries
* Plus *
My Search for
The Haunted Lillydale Caves of St. Paul, MN.

Along With Bachelors Grove - Also on the video tape

The Haunted Archer Woods Cemetery
Sacred Heart Cemetery
Un-edited footage taken for cable show of these 3 cemeteries can be yours!
* Plus *
Un-edited footage of
My Search for Lillydale Caves of St. Paul, MN.

A Total of Over 41 minutes of Footage.

What I felt, Heard and Seen and went through at these locations.

Hello Visitors,

My name is Ed Shanahan, producer of the
Chicagoland area public access TV show and
web site: The Unexplained World.

What you will receive is the un-edited footage
I took at the Haunted Bachelors Grove Cemetery on
Sept. 7th 2003, home of Ghosts, spirits, hauntings
and more.

All the footage was taken for the show, but not all will
be seen on the cable TV Show, but all can now be seen
by you.

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This is unique footage that shows the whole haunted location, the headstones, the haunted lagoon and more
as I describe where I am and what I'm looking at while
I recorded it.

Also I journey beyond the cemetery and come across
an area that is very, very weird and I wonder if this
is the location of where people have claimed to see the
'House' that appears at times.

You will receive a copy of the original and unedited on
a regular VHS tape. A total of over 41 minutes of footage that includes my Bonus for you listed below .

As A Bonus
I'm including un-edited footage
from two other cemeteries:
The Haunted Archer Woods Cemetery
Sacred Heart Cemetery

* Plus *
My Search for The Haunted
Lillydale Caves of St. Paul, MN.

Over 41 minutes of footage
and you can own it today.

You can own this exclusive video at a low price

Details are below the photos below.

"May The Spirits Be With You"

Below is From Bachelors Grove
Picture #1

Look at the Arrows in the photo (larger at
my web site)
- screaming face in the ground and arrow above that - face on side of tree.

The video shows the whole location.

This photo was taken while I was video taping.

Amy who is what I call a psychic feeler
e-mailed me after the photos were up at the web site and told me to take a closer look at this one - as she seen faces in it.

Picture #2

A lot of weird stuff in this photo - it was taken at 12:30 PM. This is not morning dew.


Here is another image that was taken while I was out there taping the footage on the video that can be yours of the haunted Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

Picture #3

Some of the Head Stones / Markers at Bachelors
Grove Haunted Cemetery.


Here is another image from my day of taping there. Amy also pointed out that whole area to the left of the back head stone.

From the black mark to what is around the black mark and the way the image looks.

Also the head stone on the right and above it on the right side.

Spirits and Ghosts is the History of Bachelors Grove.

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Edward Shanahan

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