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Haunted in Willow Springs. Images Taken 4/2004 - Updated Nov. 1st 2005 with Historic Facts of location

Photo's Taken From - Ashbary Coffee House
Willow Springs Haunted Location - Taken April / 2004.
Updated 11/1/2005 with Historic Facts.

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Descriptions are below

We also have Amy our Psychic Feeler
describing what she feels in the photos
and what she felt when she visited this
haunted Coffee House when we taped
there for our cable TV show in April 2004.

Photos © 2004 Edward L. Shanahan

Ashbary C. H.

Stairs to room.

Hall way.

Entry to room.

Inside room.

Inside room.

Inside room.

Inside room.

LuAnne & Amy

Hello Visitors,

The Ashbary Coffee was a location I was directed too by
a higher power, in my search of a location for us to meet,
do some taping for the cable show and also to hold meetings.

It is real nice, unique with the feeling of being welcomed with
great people running it. Also 4 spirits that have also called the location their home. A husband, wife and two children.

I was informed by Deanna (owner with John), when I introduced
myself to her, that the place had spirits. Making this location not known by many as being haunted.

The history of this location are a few. From it being built in
Willow Springs at a location that at one time was wilderness
and Indians lived in the area, to what stood there in the past.

The amazing thing is I interviewed Cathy who had a night with
her Ouija board there in the room where I took the photos.
Cathy told me that she picked up the spirit of a male and the
mother and children. The 4 spirits not so happy, have also been
seen by a few people, wearing dated clothing from the 1800's.

A few minutes later, our Psychic Feeler 'Amy' walks in,
and was taken back by the feelings she felt and described
the same spirits that Cathy found by use of her Ouija board.

Very strange things happened when I interviewed Amy on what
she felt, every time she discussed the male spirit on camera, the
sound would go blank. Also foot steps where heard by her and
I as we sat on the stage when I interviewed her, no other person had this happen with that I interviewed that day on the stage.
Also caught on tape was Amy's reaction to the spirit running
a cold hand down her back while we sat there.

Cold spots where felt by Amy and LuAnne and both felt the
cold of the spirit next to them. As the day went on, the spirit
let us know the day was over with, as the temperature dropped
in the room by at least 15 degrees.

View the photos of the location, Amy's feelings are posted
with the photos and hopefully you will see the cable show
with all that went on at the Ashbary Coffee house while taping.

Take care and Happy Hauntings.
Edward Shanahan

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Updated 11/1/2005
Facts from the Willow Springs Historical Society Book
'History of Willow Springs 1892 - 1995'

Hello Viewers,

Remember I'm not a Paranormal Investigator but have been named a Spiritual Observer, but the book fell into my hands for reasons as meant to be, and I present to you maybe for the first time any place, some historical facts on what was at the location in the past that may make it Paranormal Today.

The nice thing about finding the information on what was at this location
in the past, is that it then becomes a location that can live up to having reasons for Spirits roaming the floor and even the grounds of the patio and goes back to the 1800's.

Below you will read about the location as stated in the History of
Willow Springs Book.

* The land was once occupied by Crumpacker home and Abbitt Hotel. The hotel/saloon was built by Joseph Abbitt around 1896 and was also
occupied by Joseph's family. The unused bedrooms were rented to the railroad and canal workers and travelers passing through the village.
The home contained ten bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and large
hall where the family gathered for square dances. A door separated the hotel from the saloon portion. After Joseph Abbitt's death it became an
ice cream parlor and was later purchased by G. Dugdale who named it
" Dinty Moore's " and "kept girls for men's pleasures". It was owned
by Jack and Bertha Barkus when it was torn down to make room for the
Old Willow Complex in 1975.

Also on the same area of land that is now the Old Willow Complex a photo in the book from 1883 shows the Joseph M. Abbitt Store, two nice size wooden stores. Also standing then in the area right on Archer Ave was Jimmy Sturgeon's Barber Shop that at one time was up the hill behind the Abbitt Hotel (forest area behind or to the side of the now Old Willow Complex?), and was originally a large classy Outhouse. Front portion contained a double sink, large mirror and double linen towels.
The left side contained a three holer for the men and the right side was for the women with a small one for the children. It was later brought down
the hill and became Jimmy Sturgeon's Barber Shop.

By the facts that where found in the book History of Willow Springs, one can see there is a lot of history to this area of land that the haunted Ashbary Coffee House sits on, and through the years many who came here, seem to want to remain.

Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan
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