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St. Paul, MN.- Haunted Lillydale Caves & More.
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History of the Lillydale Caves Area.

Lots of Paranormal activities such as children screaming. It's a place where many suicides, murders, and rapes took place. This information I picked up in a book about the paranormal.

Belly crawl tunnels, winding stone staircases and hallways lead you to blocked off doors that supposedly led to basements of houses on the bluffs. Booze (during prohibition), gangsters, drugs and women supposedly made they way up and down.

My Adventure at the Caves & other sites.

I would not recommend any one to venture into the Lillydale Cave area alone. It was a major mistake by me as I was alone
and no one knew were I was going and the area has it's history
of murders and crimes. I was carrying a camcorder, cell phone
and about $250. It was a spur of the moment idea to go there -

Photos: A - B - C & F are images of what I call dead end (no
pun attended) caves, as they had back walls as can be seen
in photos A - B & C.

Photo C has a strange light or glow on the back wall.

Photo - D - Is an image of the fenced off area I came across, and ventured pass, as up until there, I did not find any of the belly crawl into caves.

Photo - E - Is of an image I took from the bottom
of the hill, showing how well hidden the 1st belly crawl cave entry is hidden from the public.

Photo - G - Is the image of a belly crawl cave entry. I did go up to it and took close up photos of the entry and into the darkness of the entry of the belly crawl entry of the cave.

The weird thing is - The photos from the belly crawl cave entry did not turn out ! The video I
shot for the cable show did turn out.

When I made my way up to the entry and while video taping
the area, all of a sudden from the right side outside of the cave
entry, came a slow wind that went right through me and there was a temperature drop of about 20 degrees. You will see my response of it on the cable show.

The Camcorder Battery - was dead when I got back to the
hotel from photographing the area.

It would not even take a charge, nor would the charger's light
come on with the battery in the charger. It was a 3 hour battery
and I had it running for only about 30 minutes.

Photo - H - Shows the area of the cave areas from a distance,
located on the right side of the bridge.

Photo - I - Is the James Hill house. James Hill was a railroad
baron who died at his home, as did his wife. Could those be
'orbs' seen in the picture in front of the house?

Photo - J - Is an image of the inside of the huge and famous
St. Paul Church, and that is a image of the Virgin Mary with
baby Jesus, but there was no flash used in the church, and
yet there are some possible strange things in the photo.

Photo - K - Is an image of one of the hall ways inside the James
Hill house, this is the floor of the bedroom were he and his wife
died. Again no flash were used and just regular lighting.

I have to say once again - DO NOT DO as I did, going alone to
an area that not only has reports of hauntings but also a
history of being a dangerous area. It was one of the dumbest
things I have done.

Happy Hauntings

Ed Shanahan

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