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Images Below are from different haunted locations.
A-B-C by Ed Shanahan
D by Michelle Bonadurer
E - F by Erin Rae

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A - Image from Fairmont cemetery in Willow Springs.
This is of White Mausoleum, now torn down, these photos
are ones few have of the location.

The Paranormal Stories that go with it and out of the book
'Voices from The Chicago Graves' is that music could be
heard coming from it.

It was torn down do to the damage done to it by vandals who
threw a fire bomb in side of it, in these photos you can see it
is bordered up and the weird thing is in the side bricks of photo
B below - you will see the marking of the fire.

C.T. Thieme who is a published writer and investigator,
investigated this location in the spring and summer of 2005
after hearing stories other then the paranormal and the music
coming from it.

Yes there was a husband and wife buried there who's
name are 'White' from the time the mausoleum was built,
and they where moved to another location in the cemetery
do to the damage to their mausoleum. After they were moved
it was torn down.

Seems no other stories hold up other then the paranormal
ones. As it is being said no one ever was buried there and it
was used for a different reason.

You can view the location it sat at, by driving up the hill in
the cemetery.

B - As you can see, this photo shows the side
of the mausoleum and as you can see the bricks
are pushed out - FROM the inside and it
looks like they could of been burnt, but coming
from the inside out.

I'm grateful I was drawn to it, to take photos of it before
it was gone.

C - This image was taken at Holy Sepulcher and
the grave laying below the left head stone
keeps sinking. The relative say's this has
been going on for over 15 years.
The cemetery keeps on trying to fix it,
and keeps putting dirt on top, but
the relative told me she believes the
headstone is working it's way down to
join the individual where he finally ended up!

D - I'm very grateful for this image taken by
Michelle, as it was taken from a haunted
barn in Indiana that she was asked to
investigate with the team she works with.

E - This image come from Erin, and the description
is in her own words:
"The one of the hallway is in an antique mall in
Crown Point, Indiana. Everytime we go there we
have to pretty much run through this hallway because
it feels so creepy. I snatched a picture of it and just got
the small orb on the left side. I showed another medium
friend of mine and she says what ever it is, is coming
from the doorway on the ceiling".

F - This Image is also from Erin, and the description
is in her own words:
" The other one is from the upstairs dining loft at
Widow McCleary's. A few different colored orbs in
there". I would like to thank Erin for letting us
showcase the images, as she has provided us
with some great images for the site, it's like with
her gift and abilities, she draws them out to be
captured on film as seen on other pages in
our web site.

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