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Road House & Haunted Building in Willow Springs. Updated May 2007.

Frankie's Roadhouse
Restaurant & Bar
8933 S. Archer Ave,
Willow Springs, IL. 60480

Formerly Rico D's Pizza Ristorante
Formerly Cavallone's West
in Willow Springs, IL .

Below is what was mostly written about the location (2005)
when it was Rico D's and a new write up will appear soon
as there are new Spirit Friendly owners and is know known
as ' Frankie's Place '.

The Haunted Building and one time 'Oh Henry's Roadhouse' once owned by the same owners of the Oh Henry Ballroom, now the Willowbrook Ballroom (name was changed to Willowbrook Ballroom in 1959), in Willow Springs, IL - The Owner was John Verderbar.

During the 1950's a small gambling casino occupied a space behind the Arbor Room in the lower level of the Ballroom.

Across the road from the Willowbrook Ballroom is Rico D's that was once known as Oh Henry's Roadhouse and also well remembered as Spatis Grove before then. It was another of the many picnic groves that would line Archer Avenue for families.

I had originally heard of the location, when the location
was Cavallone's West .

I've been called a Spiritual Observer (feeler), and never
claimed to be a Paranormal Investigator and have in the
past refused to be called one.

There is no doubt that spirits do wander around the

But with the ability I have and others who also feel the
spirit side of a location, we know spirits exist there, you
can feel them, some have seen them.

And the roadhouse first known as Oh Henry Roadhouse, has stood there for many years with many owners. An old saying "Many owners have come and gone, but the spirits will remain".

Also it was once Native American Land as is the whole Archer Avenue stretch was at one time. Possible reason why it is an active Paranormal stretch of land.

Running tours in Rico D's, I would tell of what were the
original stories I heard from the long time owners of the
location when it was Cavallone's West and those stories
I presented to the Rico D's owner by way of the book
'Voices from the Chicago Graves', which I gave him as
a gift for his own knowledge, as I was published in the
book back when the location was Cavallone's West and
brought the location to the publishers knowledge .

Also on tours, I would tell of what Amy and I felt at the location, as far as picking up feelings in the rooms. As we were allowed to wander the location from top to bottom months before it reopened.

The Unexplained World, was the first to bring paranormal guest speakers into the Rico D's named location. The first
to have the location published in a Paranormal book as
Rico D's, and also in the newspaper, as well as exposure
on the Internet for the paranormal.

We held the first Night of Ghost Stories around the bonfire.

Also we where the first to bring two Haunted Over Nighters there. Also the first to do Seances in the building while it
was Rico D's and out deep in the forest behind the building
is where I held my 1st Circle of Energy for 40 plus people.

Deep in the forest was a location as active as the building it's self and was virgin territory to those then involved in
the paranormal and this was the reason for my Circle of Energy in the woods. As the area was Indian land.

I have been gifted the name 'Sun Ray' by a Native American and her spirit guides and have become
friends with others who are Native American.

Over time, I could feel the spirit's mood changing.

On the last Over Nighter on Oct 22nd 2005, I refrained
from giving tours inside the building. I stayed with doing
my Circle of Energy outside in the woods, as I knew it
would be my last time presenting any thing at that time
at Rico D's as it was known then, at least until new
Spiritual Friendly owners took over . As the forest was
all new area to be spiritually discovered and the feelings picked up.

Below are photos of areas on the 2nd floor,
and in the basement during renovations.

Click on image to see larger photo
(will open new page).

Descriptions are below
I also had our Psychic Feeler Amy
describing what she felt when she visited
this location with me and we walked it all.
Photos © 2005 Edward L. Shanahan

A - paranormal test.

B - haunted room.

C - haunted hallway.

D - smoking room

E - window area

F - special room

G - special stairway

H - most haunted area

I - most haunted-2

J - most haunted 3.

K - tunnel

L - hideaway

M - hideaway ceiling

N - more then dirt

O -more then dirt 2

P - basement section

Q -stairway basement

Hello Visitors,

Below you will find descriptions of what Amy and I felt in
the rooms listed below. What you will read is what Amy and
I felt in the rooms.

As I said and proven by many, there are spirits there.


Ed 'Sun Ray'.

Photo's Description

A - Our Paranormal Test, this is an ancient way of finding
out if there is paranormal activity or energy in a room. We at
times have seen the pendulum swing in all different directions
on it's own. This is something anyone can set up in their own

B - The Haunted Room & Fireplace. This is where Amy &
I started out the day. Amy felt it as a location of protection.
The strange thing about the fire place is that it was at one time
an actual working fire place, but now where the logs and fire
would be, is a false wall. This room was the location of our 1st
seance there for The Unexplained World.

C - Haunted Hallway. Things have been felt in this long hallway
that is access to every room in the 2nd floor area. At times it is like
something passes through you as your walking down the hallway.

D - Amy picked up that this is a smoking room. She was also drawn
to the north wall and upon looking closely at the wall paper she found
what looked like blood washed (attempted), off the wall. Also to the
left side of the photo area on the floor one can see almost a perfect
outline of a body (this is not seen in the photo). Amy felt that what
laid there and it's energy left an impression there for ever.

E - Window area in secret stairway. When I first came upon this area,
chills ran through my body. When Amy and I visited together and she
entered this area, she did not like the feelings she received. I still have
not gone beyond the top of the stairs, something will not let me walk
down them.

F - Special Room. This is now a large room of what may of been two
rooms in the past as one can see the divider in the the floor between the
two room. Amy was drawn to the large like closet in the photo. When
she opened it she felt peace running through it. It could of been where
special items of someone where kept.

G - Special Stairway. This is the stairway that goes with photo E, and
the ones I refuse as of now when writing this, to go down.

H - This is the most haunted area for Amy & I. It is located in the
basement. She stepped in this area once and refused to go back in
the room. I went in 3 times to make sure my senses where right, they
where and it was draining for me. This room is what was the Boiler Room.
This was a coal burning type of broiler.

You do pick up many emotions in the area. Also the shadow you see
on the hot water heater is not on the video we shot right after taking
the photo.

I - This is a closer view of the area and to the right.

J - Now as you pan to the right in the same room of the
boiler room area, you will see what could of been tunnels that lead to
the woods, some think it may of been a way the coal was delivered.

K - Tunnel that lead at one time to the building of the Willowbrook Ballroom,
directly across the street. It was owned by the same owners and as stated in
the Willow Springs History Book, up until the 1950's a gambling casino was
in the basement of the Willowbrook Ballroom.

L - This is a hideaway false wall and room. You have to crawl through
a hidden whole in the wall to enter it. You can see the candle wax buildup
from the candles used to light the area.

M - Hideaway ceiling. I crawled in for no other reason that
I felt the need to photograph the ceiling, maybe you will
feel something in the photo?

N - Rumors have it that at one time when the cannel was
being built that for lack of burial for many of the poor that
worked on the cannel and died doing so, their bodies where
cremated and this is the location where it was done.

The thing about the dirt floor is it is not pure dirt, there is
what can best be described as like a bone feel to the dirt, a
oily type of feeling.

O - Looking at the photo - their seems to be more then even
dirt there, as I outlined what I seen in the photo and brighter
then the area around it, so it is not a shadow.

P - Another section of the basement where Amy felt very
uneasy. She comes as close to "if these walls could talk",
with being a psychic feeler and picking up emotions.

Q - This is the stairway leading to the basement.

Happy Hauntings,

Edward 'Sun Ray' Shanahan.

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