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The Unexplained World - Psychic Faire

Our Psychic Fair @ Ashbary Coffee House - Willow Springs, IL - 8/2004

Photo's Taken At Our Psychic Faire
Where the Paranormal Came Out out on this day 8/28/2004
at our Psychic Fair for The Unexplained World in 2004.

The Ashbary Coffee House

A Haunted Location at:
8695 S. Archer Ave, Willow Springs, IL
(Archer Ave. & Willow Springs Rd).

We have left The Ashbary do to the new owners
and now run our Psychic Fairs out of
Champs - in Burbank, IL.

Visit our web page of events for next Psychic Fair Dates

Descriptions of the photos are below the collection of photos
With a list of the Paranormal Photos to Look At.

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Annette & Ghost Orb
Annette & Orb
Psychic Intutative Reading
Intutative Reading
Psychics at work.
Readers at Work
Amber doing Past Lives Psychic Reading.
Amber & Past Lives
Paranormal Experiment
Paranormal Experiment
Amazed by Dr. Zodiac.
Amazed by Dr. Zodiac
LuAnne & Friends,
LuAnne & Friends
Pssychic Palm Reading by Ed
Palm Reading
Amazing Paranormal Orbs.
Amazing Orbs - Anjelin
Moons seen behind Annette.
Annette & Moons
Inside The Ashbary Coffee House.
Inside Ashbary
Ed & Dr. Zodiac.
Worn-out E & Doc
Psychic Feeler - Amy.
Our Psychic Feeler
Is it the flash, or eyes to read with?
Readers Eyes
Photos © 2004 The Unexplained World

Hello Visitors,The Paranormal came out at our Psychic Faire On August 28th 2004.

For those who do not know, I was drawn to the Ashbary Coffee
house when I was searching for a location to hold our gatherings,
and the Ashbary Coffee House has become our home base since.

About a week before our Psychic Faire, I had a vivid dream of
a paranormal experiment to run all day at our event, as we have
in the past documented on video and photos (also seen at our
site), that the coffee house does have what we thought to be
3 friendly spirits, but now the count seems to be 5, as seen
in one of the photos above.

We had a fantastic turn out of individuals, majority to be
read by our readers, but still some who turned out to enjoy
the gathering of individuals to talk, share thoughts and just
to have a nice day.

I would like to Thank Everyone who showed, along with
our chosen readers: Amber (Stones, Past lives, Healer),
Annette (Spiritual High Priestess - Tarot), Annie (Tarot),
Priestess Anjelin (Tarot & Wolf Cards), Ed (Palm & Intuitive
Feeling Readings).

And those who are part of The Unexplained World
and came out to support:

LuAnne - Solitary Witch & trusted friend of T.U.W.
Erin - Who has been with us from the start.
C. T. Thieme - Writer and Paranormal Investigator.
Amy - Our Psychic Feeler.
Dr. Zodiac - Amazing Feats With the Mind.

Thank You
Edward L. Shanahan
'Rayon Du Soleil ' meaning 'Sun Ray'.
Paranormal Activity Photos to look at:
A - This was taken right after Annette was
holding a Tarot card, and it bent on it's
own till it touched the table. Orb seen in
upper right hand of photo.

E - Our Paranormal Experiment, that came
to Ed as a vivid dream of what had to be
done on this day - It did work.

I - Amazing Orbs - This is an amazing photo
that has risen the number of spirits to 5 from
what we thought to be only 3. Anjelin our
reader was feeling like she was being touched
on the back of the neck all day.. Seems the
spirits where interested in her abilities.

J - Look at the window behind Annette,
looks like two half moons showing in the

Our Other Photos Shown Here.
B - Ed doing an Intuitive Feeling Reading.

C - Our readers - front 2nd from left is Annie (Tarot)
and in back 1st on your left is Anjelin (Tarot & Wolf Cards).

D - Amber doing a Past Lives Reading.

F - They are amazed by the bent fork done by the
mind and touch of Dr. Zodiac.

G - LuAnne & Friends - LuAnne (1st on left),
who is our Solitary Wicca Witch and who is
a major part of the workings of The Unexplained
World, sits with some friends. Second from left
is Annie, one of our readers.

H - Palm reading being done by Ed.

K - A look at our area in the Ashbary Coffee House,
Anjelin getting ready before the faire.

L - Worn-out from all day of doing what they do.
Ed in front (reader), and Dr. Zodiac who showed
up and amazed all those present with his abilities
to bend spoons, read minds etc..

M - Amy, our Psychic Feeler an American Indian
and who gifted the Indian name to Ed of 'Rayon Du Soleil '
meaning 'Sun Ray'.

O - We know the scientific explanation for red eyes
in photos, but maybe there is a visionary way of
'seeing' like with a x-ray during Ed's Intuitive
Feeling Readings?

Who is Edward 'Sun Ray' Shanahan
and his Psychic Readings for you ?

find out here..

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