Oak Lawn, IL - Tornado of 1967 and the Spirits that remained.

The Unexplaned World

Spirits do remain and below you will see some of the
images of some of the damaged areas that this Tornado
left behind with a total of 18 deaths in just Oak Lawn.

Also I have received 1st hand account of a Ghost / Spirit
appearing and seen often at a location and what has
been told about spirits in other areas do to the
Tornado of Friday April 21st 1967.

Photos Courtesy and with permission for use by Oak Lawn, IL public Library.
Historical facts provided by Oak Lawn, IL public Library.
View the on-line history 'Here' and more photos and photo credits 'Here'

Oak Lawn Tornado at 87th and Cicero.
Before Storm Chasers - came this unique image of
the tornado touch down in Oak Lawn area..

Click on photos below to see larger image.

(A) Fairway Foods

(B) Houses destroyed

(C) Looking for bodies Fairway Foods

(D) Oak Lawn High school

(E) Over head view

(F) St. Geralds

(G) Street of houses

(H) Tornado photo 87th cicero

Hello Visitors,

It was about 5:30 pm and I was 10 years old and sitting in the back seat of the car with my mom
who was driving and my Grandmother as we headed west on 79th street about two blocks east
of Cicero Avenue when my mom hit the breaks and pointed up to the sky and what we viewed
was the funnel cloud of the Tornado that hit Oak Lawn, IL. Killed 18 and left some ghostly
spirits behind.

(A) - Fairway Supermarket at 95th St and Southwest Highway - The tornado ripped through
the store with wind estimated at 600 mph. A mother and her 18 month old child where killed.
The daughter was found in wreckage of the store and her mother was hurled 360 feet across
the street. SEE Color photo toward the bottom of this page for more details.

(B) - Many of the houses that where destroyed by the tornado. I have been told that many
people have gone to a Parish Priest over time since the tornado and told him of strange
ghostly things that have gone on in their homes.. His response I have been told is: That
is the area the Tornado destroyed homes and it could be Spirits of those who died during
the tornado.

(C) - Looking for bodies at Fairway Foods Supermarket.

(D) - Area of Oak Lawn High School that was destroyed and across the street of
Fairway Foods Supermarket.

(E) - Overhead view of the block and street of houses the tornado destroyed.

(F) - St. Gerald's Grammer School and Rectory in the 9300 block of Central Ave.
The Rectory, Convent and 21 of 25 classrooms in the school where damaged.

(G) - Street of houses hit by the Tornado.

(H) - Rare photo of the Tornado when it touched ground at 87th and Cicero Ave.

* View the on-line history 'Here' and more photos and photo credits 'Here'

Location of where today a Spirit of a little girl holding a teddy bear appears and is seen running across
the parking lot and then vanishes. This is the area and parking lot of where Fairway Supermarket stood
before the Tornado destroyed the store and a mother and her small daughter died. The seeing of a little
girl's spirit has been told to me by the person who's viewed it and has been seen during the day by the
person and others on a regular basis. You can see the new section across the road and left side of
the photo that is the area of Oak Lawn High School that was then destroyed by the tornado.
Where spirit from Oak Lawn Tornado is said to appear

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