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Chicagoland area - Legendary Haunted House.

Hull House

Chicagoland area's Legendary Haunted House.

Descriptions of the photos are below the collection of photos

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Hull House #1

Hull House Orbs #2

Hull House Faces #3
Photos © 2004 Mark Wakely

Hello Visitors,

I'm happy to bring you these photos of the legendary haunted Hull House, taken by Mark Wakely. Below you will find his personal description of each photo taken and he guides you in what to look
for in each of the photos.

Happy Hauntings
Ed Shanahan

Mr. Wakely's Description of the photos.

Here are digital photos I took of Hull House during a Chicago ghost tour with famous ghost hunter Richard Crowe. These were taken on Sunday night, 10/17/04.

Photo: Hull House #1.
If you look to the right by the white curved table, there appears to be a ghostly woman either cleaning or rearranging things. She's transparent, but you can see she's wearing a long skirt, long-sleeve blouse, and her hair is pulled back in a bun or ponytail.

Photo: Hull House Orbs #2.
This photo was taken with an HP digital camera at 1/1000th/second shutter speed. I cannot explain why portions of the picture appear double exposed while some sections (like the two second floor windows) do not. You can clearly see several meandering streaks in the picture. If you magnify the image (in something like Window Picture Viewer) you can see that the dotted streaks are actually vortexes. The most interesting thing about the picture is how one (possibly two) of the streaks seems to originate from the left hand second floor window.

Photo: Hull House Faces #3.
This picture is even stranger. It shows two faces- one on the top of the stairs, which looks vaguely female, and a man's face just below the hallway arch on the right. The man either has a prominent Adam's apple or some other deformity on his neck- perhaps just a double chin. If you look just above that, you can see
that his head his titled back, his eyes are closed, and he appears to have a bushy mustache and possibly even mutton chops. (At any rate, he looks dead.) The woman's head seems a little bit larger than the man's, and her eyes are clearly open. There appears to be other images, although they're vague and I might be reading too much into the photo beyond the two obvious human faces.

Even more in this photo!
If you put your thumb or finger over the "bump" on the man's neck, his features become much more apparent. People who couldn't see his face saw it immediately after I showed them how to cover the odd bump. And in the exterior shot, if you look to the left of the front door, just right of a tall window, there's a ghostly image of a woman holding a young child. She's facing the wall, and it appears she's holding a doll in her left hand. And as if that's not strange enough,
if you magnify the image, there appears to be the image of a demon on her back. He has sort of a cleft lip, a snout nose, and seems to be grinning. He's looking sideways to the left, not straight at the camera. Finally, to the far right in the same picture, in the dashed yellow line, there are two images of heads. (Again, you have to magnify the picture to see them.) Toward the bottom, there's a head floating upside down, and if you follow the dotted yellow line up to just under the roofline, there's a smaller head with no eyes, just sockets. © 2004 Mark Wakely

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