The Unexplained World - Salem Halloween 2004

By our LuAnne a Solitary Witch.

Salem on Halloween 2004
by LuAnne of The Unexplained World with her friend Gloria.

From LuAnne:
" These pictures are from the "Haunted Footsteps"
walking tour Gloria and I went on while in Salem."

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Gloria & LuAnne

Photos © 2004 LuAnne

Hello Visitors,

We are honored to have images of Salem taken by our
own LuAnne who is a Solitary Pagan Witch, on the last
trip she took to Salem on Halloween 2004. A trip she takes
every year.

You can see LuAnne (right) & Gloria in the photo above.

Ladies let us know when the video (t-shirt), will be coming
out, as my psychic abilities say it will be a $$$$$ maker ;-)

Thank You again LuAnne,


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