The Unexplained World - Archer Woods Cemetery.

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A Lot going on here !

What Amy Felt:
This one is a doozy. I almost hate this one as much as E & F.
There is almost to much going on in this photo.

The brown headstone seems to have a light backward tilt as well
as a black feather on it. Look directly above that in between the headstones up there is a dog (second tree on your left). Maybe he is howling for it's master, maybe I feel a loneliness about this, a feeling of vast emptiness a longing.

There are two blue lines on each side of the tree in the back there.

Look at the tree to the right. There is a skull on it, an a face beside it. The gray head stone to the right looks to have runes on it (the right side of it).

© 2003 Edward L. Shanahan