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This site is for those who have experienced or believe in
"The Unexplained World" of the paranormal. To share
your experiences and to learn what others have learned.

Covering ghosts, spirits, haunting's, Psychic abilities
and more in the Chicago land area and has expanded
to a world wide audience, as now the web site has
been talked about in four published Paranormal books.

Plus view Edward Shanahan's free video Cyber tours
of Historic Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Archer Wood's
Cemetery and more. A photo collection of haunted
locations in the Chicago land area and descriptions of the
haunted locations.

Chicago Paranormal Nights to explore and experience
haunted historic locations and every night ends with a
seance to allow you to experience the spirits at the
locations. You can also book your own private
paranormal night for you and you friends at a haunted

You can also experience the Paranormal locations and
the paranormal activities at haunted locations. Wander
the grounds and inside buildings with the group outings
to haunted locations with Edward Shanahan and The
Unexplained World.

Edward Shanahan has also teamed up with Historical
Societies to bring you Haunted Historic Locations.

Also we run Psychic Readings in the Chicago land area.
Edward Shanahan also does personal readings for
individuals and more information on the type of
readings and Conscious Channeling of your loved ones
who have passed away, can be found inside this site on
the web page for Edward Shanahan.

Also listen to our Radio Internet Broadcast of - The
Unexplained World - and linked to on our web site here,
both live broadcasts and archived.

Free App with GPS Tour of Haunted Archer Avenue
Tour and is yours free and can be found here.

Sending out a warm welcome to those who follow a
Spiritual path be it Christian, Catholic, Wicca, Pagan,
Magick or other Spiritual paths.

This is the creation since 2003 of Paranormal Spiritual
Observer and Psychic Reader: Edward L. Shanahan

You will find links to a whole Unexplained World, where
the border between the natural and the supernatural will
be nothing any more but fuzzy.

Paranromal TV from The Unexplained World is now up
and running 24 / 7. The Links is below.

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Haunted Historic Locations - tours and experiences

Paranormal TV 24/7 - From The Unexplained World.

The Unexplained World - Internet Radio Show Broadcast

Paranormal / Psychic / Dates and Events in Chicago land area

* Free App with GPS tour to download - Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour *

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The Unexplained World of the Paranormal, ghost and haunted locations in Haunted Chicago, IL and Spiritual beliefs
to open individuals minds to the Spiritual World that awaits us. From an Internet radio broadcast and pod cast of
The Unexplained World Internet radio show, to Haunted Historic Locations and ghost Tours in the Chicago land area
and beyond. This web site has many paranormal photos from the Chicago land area and many are a one of kind unique
photos of Spirits, ghosts and haunted locations taken during the day. Also video / cyber tours of haunted locations
and some of the history behind the paranormal locations.This is created by Edward Shanahan a Spiritual Observer,
Psychic and Channeling Reader in the Chicago land area and this web site and Edward Shanahan has been written about
in 3 paranormal books . Edward Shanahan is also the creator of the 'Circle of Energy' and does demonstrations of it
at the haunted paranormal locations in the Chicago area that he is involved with in the tours at the locations.

© 2003 - 2012 Edward L. Shanahan